A Meme Supreme

YGRS and Island Girl have joined forces to simultaneously tag me.  Ouch.

I am to please follow these instructions:

Grab the nearest book.
Open the book to page 123.
Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
Tag 5 different people.

The nearest book is to my left – it's tempting, it's tantalizing, its cover is gilded and green.

But it ends on page 72.  So I'm unable to use Aubrey Beardsley's 'Under The Hill'.  I'm so sorry, my darlings.  It would have been so artful and dangerous.

Beneath it is a copy of 'Cyrano de Bergerac'  – 1898 edition.  I first read the play long ago, when I was searching for a story that was romantic, sad, pathetic, graceful and full of elegant sarcasms and grandiose gestures.

I bought the book for $100, sight unseen – a little foolhardy, because I was actually buying it for the cover.  The catalog I was reading declared that it was a Beardsley design, and though to my knowledge he never drew such a subject…wouldn't it be lovely if he did?

When the book arrived, one glance convinced me that I had been duped.  There were Beardsley elements to be sure, but the other aspects were a little stiff, the placement was stilted and the composition was stagnant.  And that tiny 'B' in the upper right hand corner wasn't fooling anyone.

However.  One should never judge a book by its cover.


A kiss!  The word is soft.  Why hesitate?"

To my knowledge most of my neighbors have already been tagged – so I would like to open the field to complete strangers.  So, to the nameless visitors, the veiled guests:  you have been most reverently tagged.

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