My Yule. My Way.

When I was younger, I often found myself dissatisfied with the way Christmas was being presented to me.  Television, music, books, magazines, school…they weren't selling me on the idea.  They weren't happy enough.  They weren't marvelous enough.  I wanted to feel what it was like to have magic blossom on earth.

The fault, in fact, was in the festive.

How can Christmas be ideal?  What would make it ideal?  Clearly the answer was in my hands – and it could only be seen on paper.  I wanted to draw things that were unabashed and unreal.  I wanted my drawing to be the most perfect expression of joy.

And it was so perfect, it took two scans to capture it:


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18 responses to “My Yule. My Way.

  1. so wonderful. I do want to color it. lol…..In the first one the back guy (is he sad or just confused)the one one the back right.

  2. What detail!
    I wish I could stop thinking "Planet Unicorn, Heyyyy!"

  3. beautiful! they're fantastic!i see a little squirrel in the first one!

  4. i also see a squirrel in the second one!

  5. SMisery: He's confused – he's got a squirrlie on his head!
    Laurie: Just call me Cadillac.

  6. Very trippy. A sprinkle of 'shrooms in the nog, perhaps?

  7. Fantastic! So detailed! It reminds me of My Little Pony and its candy colours…

  8. I feel like I have looked at the inside of your head.

  9. I often felt that something was missing. How did you know that it was unicorns?

  10. This is fabulous- this looks like an illustration from an amazing children's book. I think I need to hear the story that goes with this, and all of their adventures. (and I too, wish I could think of something other that planet unicorn,hey….)

  11. I loooove this. Can I live there?

  12. The urge to print this out and colour it in is… Almost. Too. Much!

  13. Trippy. It reminds me of those velvet color-ins my parents bought for us until we told them we were frightened.

  14. I love your combination of art and commentary, Aubrey. The drawings are strange and lovely.

  15. it seems to me that I was really happy on Christmas only in my childhood. Asonly children can be really happy!

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