A Chance Encounter

He was so very handsome.

He had long hair – almost copper-colored, and it framed his face like a lion's mane.

I saw him for the first time today, walking to work, to The New Place.

He just stood there, as if he had been waiting for me.

Our eyes met – I was held fast by his burnished, amber eyes.

We waited.

Then he meowed.

Yes; this was a most attractive cat.  With fur that was deep and tawny – the outer hairs red as if they had been dipped in lava.  He allowed me to scratch him under the chin, and then stood next to my ankles as if to say "I will stand just this close; that's quite enough for a first meeting."

I then tried to stroke his back, when he suddenly sprang away, twisting like a hooked fish.  I felt just the slightest gleam of feline teeth against my hand.  I then heard an exclamation of dismay from behind me anad I turned to meet his owner, who apologized profusely:  "I am so sorry – but he's had such a bad week…he doesn't know what the neighborhood's coming to:  he's been chased by dogs, he's getting into catfights…and he hurt his back, so he doesn't like it touched…he just feels as if his space is being invaded…I really am sorry, I should have told you…"

I of course told her not to worry at all.  I mean, who hasn't rebelled against pain and victimization?

I learned that his name was Luke. 

Clearly what we had there was a failure to communicate.

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12 responses to “A Chance Encounter

  1. Luke needs a weekend retreat and to forget the world for a while.

  2. Luke sounds lovely and in need of some more loving.

  3. I'm sure he'll make it up to you later. If he deems it needful.

  4. Well, he did look back at me apologetically.
    Or was it reproachfully?

  5. Yes.Mostly the former, I'm sure, due to the back injury, but also the latter, since you Should Have Known Better.

  6. He didn't draw blood, so he was only communicating don't-touch.If he'd wanted, he'd have taken your hand off.Abject apologies, maybe a little pleading? should make it all okay.And more chin rubs.

  7. I think we need a photo of this handsome fellow. When he deigns to favor you with his presence again.

  8. He does sound hansum! Sweet kitty boy…&:o)

  9. I love how you used the word gleam. Great writing! 🙂

  10. I took my camera to work today, hoping to catch a glimpse. Sadly, no Luke. Admittedly, there were several dogs about and the fertilizer was thick on neighboring lawns: not the most pleasant of surroundings for a sensitive cat.

  11. Being a kid I had a cat. I loved him very much! Every morning he came after his night strolls, and every time he has new wound. He was a real warrior – he was fighting for his "girl-friends".

  12. Aw, I hope you get to meet him again. I'm sure you'll make great friends. 🙂

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