A Thing Of Beauty…

…is on your hips forever.

If we may begin at the beginning:

And then continue.













Three-cheese, sausage and meatball lasagna:  weighing in at an easy 20 pounds.  My pride and joy.  It will be cooked during that frenzied hour when the turkey has vacated the oven, making room for the other dishes impatiently waiting in line.  It took me four hours to prepare and assemble but it already is quite, quite worth it.

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18 responses to “A Thing Of Beauty…

  1. [this is delicious] how does one score an invite to this sumptuous table??

  2. (Homer Simpson-esque drool)

  3. Yeeummm!Did you use the quick boil (or no boil?) lasagne noodles? My neighbor swore by those. She also sprinked red pepper flakes into her mix – which is how I started LOVING spicier foods. Gawd, I wish we were still neighbors – she always make too much for her and her hubby, and hating leftovers, so those years were epicurean delight for me! Thanks for the happy memories.

  4. Woman, when I visit you I want THIS with my Bloody Mary! 😛

  5. What time is dinner?

  6. Wait–you're having turkey and lasagna at the same table within an hour of each other? Wow. You guys know how to do Thanksgiving.
    That lasagna looks divine. I would skip the turkey altogether to load up on this.

  7. Swooooon [head hits desk in a puddle of drool].

  8. I just fell in love with you all over again, Aubrey. Wow. Magnificent.We do the full-on giant lasagna in my family at holiday meals too. Good times…

  9. Yummmmmmmmm. That looks so good. (And I love the baking dish, too. That's one of my favorite colors.)

  10. Oh you HAD to do that to me, and step by step too. Holy crap I was already hungry and now I am positively drooling. Crikey.
    *grabby hands*
    I would eat it with my hands if I had to, too.

  11. O my goodness, that looks Amazing good! YUM!

  12. Who needs gravy? turkey so enhanced by the tangy, creamy three cheese blend. You need a mosaic for these lovely photos.

  13. turkey? what turkey?lasagna all the way, bebeh!!aubs, at some point, let us know how many servings the boyfriend had. ;P

  14. [this is just gloatingly mean]
    Oh, my. This looks truly decadent. Thanks for sharing – the photos.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy!

  15. *Shlurp and drool* A thing of beauty this way comes…Laurie knoweth not the full glories of the Italian table. Rule #1 – One main dish is not enough. Rule #2 – Lasagna goes with everything.

  16. Riss – it's STW etiquette: Say The Word, and consider yourself invited.
    Leenda – I've heard of the no-boil method, but I don't quite trust it for some reason. I did the whole 'rolling boil' for nine minutes route.
    Suga' – Name the date, is all I'm gonna say.
    Doug – 6PM, don't be late; Boyfriend is a non-stop eater.
    Laurie – It's the classic Italian T-giving I first experienced at my Aunt's house when I was wee. It was a great inspiration to me.
    LT/Pet – Clean up on aisle three!
    IG – Isn't that the best? Does Indy come along – are there any pellet side dishes?
    Morgat – I bought two bake pans – one blue, one red – at Williams-Sonoma; they're made in Austria; I needed something pretty for when I served a casserole dish at the table.
    Ms. Pants – (slaps hands away)
    Lavendar – And the leftovers are even better!
    BBiker – Wait: I'll still be putting the appetizers together!
    Gazelle – No universe exists that cannot be improved upon by the presence of cheese.
    Mariser – "let us know how many servings the boyfriend had" I shudder to think.
    AmyH – I would be happy to share with you; really…honest…sincerely…Actually, no, not really.
    Testify, JP, testify!

  17. I wished you lived in my corner of the woods. I would love to taste that lasagna. Oh, and get to know you. Yes, of course.

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