Squirrels Don’t Get Me

I mean well.  It's true that I don't speak Rodentia, but my attempts at communication are frequent and sincere.  I like squirrels.  I'm not like my mother. ("They're taking over the city!")

There are some very fortunate trees in front of my workplace; they act as arboreal condos for many handsome squirrels.  There have been occasions when I would take a look at these trees – out of gratitude for their dark shelter on a summer's day, to see if their leaves finally decided to defy Nature and change color, to admire the lovely sculpture of their bark.

The last time I took this opportunity, I saw something else…a puff of black-tipped fur from behind the trunk; suddenly there and then just as swiftly gone.  I slowly traversed the circumference of the tree and came face to face with a gray and tan squirrel, with a plump, harvest-season figure.  I asked it several pertinent questions:  "Hiya Squirrlie!  Whatcha doing?", "Whatcha doing up there?"

We stared at each other, in such a way that I knew it saw my face, wondered what I was, why I didn't have anything intelligent to say, and whether if had any nuts to offer (I didn't).  This visual consideration lasted several seconds – it was only then that it decided to be frightened and I heard its tiny claws rattle on the bark as it scurried upwards.

It stopped.  It wagged its tail – in farewell?  And then it disappeared into the branches.

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13 responses to “Squirrels Don’t Get Me

  1. I love squirrels but I think he was deciding whether or not to jump on your face. I don't trust them when they are in the trees. They purposely drop acorns on people's heads, I swear. But, again…I do love squirrels. They're just a bit—squirrelly.

  2. I always want to like squirrels but ever since one jumped on me, I'm slightly suspicious of their motivations.

  3. I Like watching them play. They are so cute. But we have ground squirrels here and They are not so cute. They dig giant tunnels in your yard and generally make a mess of things. Still they are fun to watch also

  4. Living in a land without squirrels, I can't help but say "Oooo! Squirrels! Hurrah!". It's how it is when you aren't faced with any mangy reality… or holes in your yard and messy things.

  5. Awww, squirrels! I always stop to talk to them too. And I love their "plump, harvest-season figure" this time of year – even Unicorn plumped out.

  6. He would have talked back if he didn't like you, Aubrey! But his little tail says it all. I think he was flipping you off.

  7. I saw a squirrel on Friday and it didn't stop to talk with me either. Antisocial, but cute.

  8. Everyone: a squirrlie update!
    We're moving into a new workplace and I'm happy to say that our new street has squirrlies in residence. We saw one running accross a telephone wire (chomping through our DSL, no doubt) and then leap into the avocado tree across the street. No one could see why I was so excited, but I noticed that no one moved until the squirrlie was quite out of sight.

  9. We have squirrels in out back garden. A few years ago we trained one to take monkey nuts from our hands. It did get a bit cheeky though – it used to tap on the window when it was hungry and bark at us if we didn't feed it straight away.

  10. I meant 'our' back garden, of course.

  11. I once heard a squirrel fight – the yelling and barking sounded like a pack of chimpanzees had relocated in our back yard.

  12. now that is an experience i've not had and care to miss. despite their cuteness factor, they're still rodents with bushy tails and, in the great wilderness, dinner.

  13. I love squirrels too! I even have a cat which name is Squirrel as jumps just like those beautiful animals.

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