Hog For The Holidays

I generally tend to ignore motorcycles.  To me they are loud and uninteresting, like so many things in Los Angeles.

But when a motorcycle decides to truss itself up for the holidays, I feel that I must reassess my opinion. 

Walking home from work today I noticed that the bike was gone, leaving its autumnal accoutrements behind.  I rather believe that its owner rode his bike out, after parting the pumpkins carefully – and when he returns he will just as carefully pile them high once more.

People must find their holidays where they can. 

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11 responses to “Hog For The Holidays

  1. awww! you find the neatest things on your walks..

  2. This even makes me like motorcycles, Aubrey. I love your perspective.

  3. what an interesting thing to come across while on a walk!

  4. How sweet.It only needs some spiderwebs.

  5. now that's creative accessorizing and decor!

  6. bike's owner have definetely a good imagination:))))

  7. I wonder whether he'll reposition the pumpkins when he returns. Will you be checking and letting us know?

  8. I hadn't seen it for a while; then this evening, I saw it parked in its usual place – the pumpkins were still there, but piled on either side on the bike. I'm hoping it'll be some time before they disappear altogether.

  9. are you sure? pumpkins that have been left sitting around too long start getting all mushy and collapsing into themselves and, depending on climate and air moisture, mutating into colonies of fuzzy white and black molds. but don't let me interfere with the pleasure of looking at 'em. 😀

  10. Hey! Cool! Indeed we make our mood by ourselves!

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