‘Fessing Up To Dressing Up

When I was dressed, and later when I dressed myself up for Halloween, the final creation was never based on a personality, on a face from television or from the movies.  As a cherubic (make that chubby) toddler, Mother would lay the creative smackdown on me and transform me into a pretty animal, or an exotic lady, not likely to be found in these parts.  On the evening of October 31, the young Aubrey disappeared and would come back as a different type, a new genre, an unexpected subspecies.  When i was older I wasn't interested in putting aside one identity for a night, only to pick up someone else's.  I never wore a mask.

I was a crimson kangaroo when I was two, more interested in the contents of my bag than what might have been in my pouch (as I recall, the costume came with a stuffed 'roo):

At the tiny age of nine, I was a bumblebee – yellow and black, bright and buzzing.  (I still have the costume).

One year I wore scarlet, Oriental pajamas.  They were loose-fitting, allowing for my patented two-fisted-candy-retrieval system:

My godmother made me a shining silver gladiator's costume – 'helmet', pleated skirt and all.  My left hand is clearly wondering where the sword and scabbard went, while the right is going for the candy – I hated having my picture taken, usually starting a howl over it.  This vocal disapproval would not subside until the sugar tithe was paid:

When I grew older, the costumes became outfits.  One year mother made me into a geisha girl – complete with plastic cherry blossoms in my hair.  I was once a Spanish gypsy (the black and white bangles I still have and very useful they are too).  I also detect the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship with lipstick.   The skirt was mother's:

Trick or Treating stopped long ago.  What a personal tragedy that was.

Still.  Perhaps the Halloween tradition of creating 'looks' has stayed with me.

I confess:  my closets and jewelry boxes will always be full.

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16 responses to “‘Fessing Up To Dressing Up

  1. but you can still dress in fabulous outfits!

  2. Great trip down Halloween memory lane. I remember my most favorite costume was Tweety Bird. Thanks for the smiles.

  3. oooh i'm impressed…a geisha?? that's very fancy. i was a cat every year from the age of 5 to the age of 12.
    mama M: 'what do you want to be this year, maggie?'
    Me (without fail): 'A CAT!!! A CAT!!!'

  4. Great pics! And the characters, oh my.
    You do make a fetching Senortia, by the way.

  5. I think your mother must have been a very interesting person! Your costumes are unique and fun. I remember some of mine, but the pictures are long gone, sadly.

  6. I love the kangaroo — bright red? Why not.We had a couple of hooded black sweatshirts with added ears.Add some eyebrow pencil whiskers.All cats, all the time.

  7. I went as the Yellow Pages one year.Complete with fingers doing the walking (stuffed glove) and toy telephone as a hat.Last year I was a tuxedo kitty.

  8. lauowolf: No! A wolf in kitty's clothing?
    LT: What about equal time – will you go as HRT this year?

  9. I suppose I could, but I just got the demmed tooth crowned, so I'm staying home and snorgling HRT instead.My cat ears actually look more like hers, so I was sort of a combo of the two last year.

  10. I love these they are all so cute and put me in mind of all the costumes I made for or helped my daughters make. And of course all of my costumes growing up. My favorite was casper the ghost I was four or five.

  11. traipsing down memory lane brought a smile from these quarters. that was some variety of outfits. halloween is a special time, including a time to be someone or something we're not, or wish we were.

  12. All your costumes are great! Love the Lady of Spain curl on your forehead. And that's a mighty big treat bag for such a little joey. Yay for your mother & godmother and yay to you for wearing their wonderful costumes. I was always a black cat or a witch. One year I was a gypsy. Best costume I saw this year was a man, wearing a bee costume, yellow & black stripes and black stockings, cute bee wings, and a witch hat and witchy boots. He said he was bee-witched.

  13. Such cute costumes, Aubrey! And that's the cutest red kangaroo I've ever seen. Cutest gladiator ever, too. Awwww…I think my cutest costume was my purple dragon that Mama Miao made for me when I was 5. It was quite elaborate. I was a butterfly as a 3 year old.

  14. "candy tithe". ha! I love that.
    Excellent photos–you look gorgeous as a lady of Spain. What an interesting upbringing you had. I wish I had pics of my childhood costumes. I remember my mom made me a princess costume once–I loved the tall pointy hat with the cascading tulle.

  15. you had wonderful costumes in your childhood, you mom did a great job:))))
    Especially I liked the Gladiator's costume:)

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