Three Cheers For One Year

Well, I've been drinking all evening.  The room is littered with empty vodka bottles.  I spilt the tomato juice hours ago, but it makes no difference because I'm so hammered now that I can't remember what a Bloody Mary is, much less mix one.  I have a bottle of Veuve Clicquot here, which I plan to open later by cracking it against the wall and pouring the contents into my mouth like a yummy, bubbling brook.  Though I doubt I'd resemble this Brooks:

I love everyone.  I love you.  'Cause you're beautiful, man.  Dude – what's gonna happen after graduation?

Wait.  That didn't sound right.

But I know I'm feeling sloppy sentimental for a reason.  Something is making me drink until my blood alcohol level equals my age.

I've been on the phone all night, calling my parents long distance, and that's a bit odd, since they live three blocks away.  The operator was nice, though, and she got me to stop crying.  I played chess with a figure in black who carried a scythe.  I defeated him, and he then put a cold hand on my shoulder and said, 'Happy Anniversary, kid.'

And then I remembered.  I have been on Vox, Voxing to the Populi, for one year.

How well I remember my first post!  It was rather high-pitched, somewhat strident, definately hysterical.  It was like being alone in your new apartment for the first time, running madly from room to room, just to see how far you can go before the walls stopped you. 

From the very beginning I loved my blog, my intellectual rooms.  I could say what I wanted here, discuss things I never thought would arouse anyone's curiosity:  postcards, history, fashion, dancing and the life force inspiring those things.

And people – strangers dropping in for a visit or any one of my Lovely and Attractive neighbors – really were interested!  I still can't get over it.  Because of TheCafeRoyal.vox I've done more writing than I have in years.  Sometimes, when a post isn't scheduled, I still feel that if I at least don't start drafting…something, my poor, bobbed head will explode.

I spend hours here; I go to bed well after midnight – usually around 2AM.  I write, I read, I visit, I learn, I communicate.  What a delightful little playing field this is.

So I offer a toast:  to a year of creativity, to a year of friends, to a year of communication. 

You know, you guys are beautifiul.

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35 responses to “Three Cheers For One Year

  1. Yay! Happy anniversary, Aubrey!

  2. Happy anniversary!!!!… wait, what was that with the long distance phone calls and the chess playing?

  3. Drude. I'm drunk. I don't know what I'm doing.
    Tradition says that a man can engage in a chess game with Death to possibly win some more days on earth. And I beat him – winning more valuable blogging time.

  4. I'll try coming back by later.With some ice, and aspirin.And a broom and mop too, maybe.

  5. happy voxiversary, aubrey. and just for the record: you are the beautiful one. you have a wonderful way with words and little half-forgotten stories. 🙂

  6. And you're beautiful too. Happy anniversary!

  7. And just think how much better we all are for you and your delicious blog! Bottoms up, and keep the entries coming!

  8. Cheers! Big ears 😉

  9. Cheers to you, too, Aubrey! 🙂 Happy anniversary!

  10. "It was like being alone in your new apartment for the first time,
    running madly from room to room, just to see how far you can go before
    the walls stopped you."Ah, perfect parallel. Happy Anniversary. I am immensely glad you are here.

  11. Happy Anniversary, Aubs – but watch the booze! Love ya!

  12. Happy Anniversary, Aubrey!

  13. (groans)OH. Aubrey. (tears streaming) I've always loved you.(blubbers) Truly madly deeply (burp) you know.(blows loudly into tissue)(squints, focuses)Damn, DaveT took my toast.Happy anniversary dear. Here's to many more. (sniff)

  14. Happy Voxiversary, and thank you for raising the tone of the place. (Present drunken debauch excepted.)Srsly, you're the best.

  15. *whispers* (in case ure hungover this morning)
    I am new to your 'hood, but I'm so glad to be here.. you are fast becoming one of my fav bloggers!! 🙂
    *raises her coffee cup*
    HAPPY VOXIVERSARY…WOOHOO (oops sowwy! quieeeeeet!!)

  16. Happy Anniversary. One year. You are loved by many (including me). Your drunk typing is perfect.

  17. Happy Anniversary! You are completely awesome.

  18. YAY for Aubrey!! So glad you are here.

  19. No, no, Pyrit dear.The stoat took the toast.Or maybe it was an ermine.Unless DaveT is a secret stoat.Here, let me have that glass.I'll trade you for this nice coffee.Ice pack?You just sit down here — oops, not on the tomato juice — uh, here.Great party, Aubs!And a very happy Voxiersery to you too.There's an extra ice pack, if you'd like.Let me just start collecting bottles and things.If you want a shower, I can go get that guy out of the tub.You'll want the lampshade back anyway.I'll leave the blinds down.

  20. Happy anniversary! I suppose by this time you're needing a nice Corpse Reviver, though. Where's Bunter when you need him?

  21. Chatting up the maidservants, as usual.

  22. It's almost Halloween. The ghost took the toast.
    And put that bottle down! It's not empty yet.

  23. Hey – as soon as lauowolf is done cleaning up, I can make a call to Clown Liquor and order a few bottles of cognac, and maybe scare up a few more boxes of Kleenex. No party is complete without a couple of crying jags.

  24. Don't worry about the bottle not being empty. It will be.

  25. That's not the way I look at it. The bottle will always be half full.

  26. That must really louse up your recycling.

  27. Happy (belated) anniversary, Aubrey! It's wonderful having you and your beautiful posts in my 'hood. 🙂

  28. A belated happy anniversary. Now where's my Bloody Mary?
    As a side note, a friend of mine dressed as Audrey Hepburn for Halloween. At her office, they all dress up according to a theme, with the person voted best dressed receiving a day off with pay. Anyway, they all went as cocktails (she was a Cosmopolitan). But the Bloody Mary won–a gouged and bloodied Mary Had a Little Lamb, complete with blow-up sheep.
    I still believe in dressing up. Perhaps for a future Halloween party you could be AuBrey Hepburn? Might be an interesting twist. Well, I know YOU could make it interesting.

  29. Happy belated Voxiversary!
    Damn, I miss so many of your posts because you often post after I've gone to bed and I don't always page through my neighborhood pages as much as I should. Also, your posts are so wonderful to read, I want to give them a proper read, not a skim when I am in a hurry or only half-awake.
    Hooray for one year! here's to many more! I love your posts, even if I don't get over here as often as I should!

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