Brother Fire

"Brother Fire, you are the most useful of all creatures, be kind to me, for I have always been kind to you…I have always respected you for love of he that created both of us.  Now be good to me too.  Come, Brother Fire!"

I think that the residents and firefighters of Southern California might think differently; after hearing about the over 11 blazes that the winds have pulled out of the dry brush like a rabbit out of a hat, it seems that it would take a saint to say something like that.

Actually one did, directly before his martyrdom by fire.

Boyfriend and I spent the weekend at the beach.  The winds started yelling, knocking doors and rattling windows late Saturday night.  It was the worst of neighbors.  In the morning, we looked at the swiftly changing beach.  Across the upset shore it seemed as if an invisible hand was quickly moving, smoothing out one rumpled patch of sand, before moving onto another.

The waves were tall, with wind-blown veils of spray.  The water was an opaque green-grey.  Seagulls struggled in the air.

Then, stepping outside, you were able to smell it.  Burning.  Distant, choking smoke.  Look away from the mysterouis sand, the bridal waves and look up.  The sun was a small dot of red.  As the color spread, it softened and lessened, blending into a sfumato of ash and cloud. 

In the late afternoon this star, newly christened crimson, cast bands of red across the water, heralding the coming of dusk, which had seemingly lasted all day.

There was much destruction and loss and fear Sunday evening.  I'm hoping that the flames will calm their lively embers, resist the urge to ride the warm current of the Santa Ana winds and recede into the charred earth.

I'm now asking Brother Fire to be good to us.


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13 responses to “Brother Fire

  1. What wonderful images you conjure.I, too, will ask Brother Fire to be good to you.

  2. Sometimes brothers can be so misbehaved. Hopefully Mother Nature will have a word with him.

  3. I hope the fires get under control soon, I could not imagine the fear that people are feeling, smelling its approach.

  4. This season is always frightening.The dryness, the winds, it's a recipe for disaster, and frequently they manage to produce one.Last year fires came within two blocks of my sister's house.Bless her, she was ready to evacuate, but was worrying about the wild animals in the canyons.Scary, scary stuff.

  5. Only Father Time will tell.

  6. Yeah, I've been worrying. Having lived right in the thick of it for so long, I've actually been surprised that you didn't have all the fires in September, like we usually did. But right NOW I'm glad I'm in Seattle. I have family in Palm Desert and Burbank, and friends in the OC & Riverside counties, so….. ;-/

  7. The whole city must be smelling of smoke by now–even if you're not on Brother Fire's visiting list, please be careful of Aunt Asthma and Sister Stress.

  8. I have the fear.It's like……… having my back against a wall. A giant, deep, blue wall. Of water. The kind that will kill me.::fear::See also …

  9. Oh, Qu33nie, I forgot how close you were to all the fire and madness! I hope it doesn't get to a 'hope for the best, prepare for the worst' scenario, but still and all: do be careful!

  10. By the time we add Mother Nature into the mix, it's quite a typical "family" we have going, here! ;)And, don't forget Grandma Moses!

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