QotD: The Real Deal (Drawn To Scales)

What fictional creature do you wish were real?

Even as a young Aubrey, I know that I was waiting to see something.

I knew that there was one thing I wanted to bump into as I walked around the corner.  I would hear its claws scraping the sidewalk; I would smell its hot breath melting the glass of the shop windows; I would see the stars of light on the ground reflecting off its scales, right before I would get my chance to meet it.

I knew that I would like to see a dragon.  But as the opportunity never presented itself, I decided to draw them instead.

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11 responses to “QotD: The Real Deal (Drawn To Scales)

  1. wow they are cool!i remember when i was a kid, there was a cartoon on tv about a little dragon who lived in the burning coals of a locomotive. i so wanted that one as a pet lol.

  2. I love that you still have them. They are smashing. Take pity on this poor shopkeeper and spare my windows from the hot melting breath.

  3. Oh, they are wonderful! So whimsical and detailed.

  4. You've always had style, haven't you?I had nearly forgotten about dragons. Sad how that happens from time to time.

  5. These are your drawings? WOW! They're amazing! What did you want from the dragons? Why did you want to see them?
    Interesting side fact: my grandmother (on my mother's side) always talked about dragons as though they were messengers of Satan. But she was kind of a freak.

  6. Awesome childhood contemplations on the dragon. I always loved how Ursula K LeGuin presented them, something more human than human, but animal and ancient.

  7. I always thought dragons were cool, but then I realized they would probably eat me. Not cool.Great drawings.

  8. amazing dragons, Aubrey.

  9. since you are the queen of obscure folk song references, did you know that little Jackie Draper's town was named after hanalei, the hippie town on kaua`i?

  10. This town that you speak of – was it by the sea?

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