It Was Horrible

If only I knew what it was.

It might have been a cricket.  It might have been a cockroach.  Or a lizard.  It might have been a dinosaur post-bonsai treatment (I live near the La Brea Tar Pits.)  Nessie might have had babies.  It might have been a young alligator, having lost track of the Amazon river.  Or possibly a dragon, punching a hole from myth into reality – my reality.  It could have been a snake, sprouting legs and developing the ability to scuttle.  Maybe a gigantic flea…or a tiny komodo dragon.

You see, Aubrey wasn't wearing her glasses, so the point I'm trying to make is that I couldn't see what it was.  But then not knowing what something is can also mean that it can be anything.  So maybe it wasn't so horrible.

It's too bad that didn't occur to me at the time.  Because what I did do was scream and walk the rest of the way home in the street.


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11 responses to “It Was Horrible

  1. LOL!! That would have been me if it was a spider or cockroach. I'm having some kind of weird sympatico with all other bugs lately – rescued a lone ant from my shower, a japanese beetle from the nail salon, misc freaky bugs from the office. I don't know what's gotten into me.

  2. Eeek! Did you check over your shoulder to me sure the unidentifiable creature wasn't following you home?

  3. "But then not knowing what something is can also mean that it can be anything." Sometimes, not knowing may really be better than knowing. It could be anything. 😉

  4. (skitter skitter, scuttle scuttle, slither slither, lope lope, creep creep)

  5. I was checking over my shoulder so see where Lotus-Batcat-of-Noble-Bravery- and-Velvety-Courage was!

  6. I think it went gallumphing by, actually.

  7. if you never see this mystery creature again, you'll know that Batcat paid a visit.

  8. Galumphing???! Ha! A visit to Teho's might help?

  9. Yes, isn't it funny how we tend to imagine the worst rather than the best when we're in doubt?

  10. My Motto is scream first and run then make sure you are safe. I think it is the wisest kind of move in these sort of situations.

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