Taking The Fall

Yes, I certainly will – above all other seasons.

Yesterday was the first day of Fall, and I love that my time has finally arrived.

I love the cold, still air – no longer thick with humidity, smog and the cries of insects.

I love the way a bird call will sound, distant and solitary, a lone holdout against its migrating bretheren.

I love the dry leaves caught in cars' windshields, like invitations from Nature to celebrate her party of harvests and rustling fields.

I love seeing the gray clouds gather in the distance, like relatives approaching whom I haven't seen in a year.

I love Autumn sunsets, passionate and violent: black clouds warmed by a furnace in a sky, turning red and gold. 

I love the long, early shadows stretching across the sidewalk, making a tree's dark reflections on its concrete surface extend forever.

I love walking at night, tilting my head up, and blowing my warm breath against the sky:  the stars wink through as if my breath was a swirling cloud.

I love seeing the dark colors and heavy, complex fabrics in shop windows.

I love coming home from work, barely giving myself time to kick off my shows, and starting to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

Call it Fall, call it Autumn, call it a Solstice – I call it chilly, golden and full of promises that have been fullfilled over and over again.

Yes, I'll take it.

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9 responses to “Taking The Fall

  1. Me too, I'll take it. I love fall… it's the best time of year… the light is lighter, the air is crisper, the colours so intense… and the wind goes through bone and marrow as we say over here… Makes me wanna sing out loud while stomping up against the wind on the beach…

  2. Lovely. Agreed. Understood.Thanks for noting the first calendar day of fall arrived. Now I know why a fall poem popped into my head last night.

  3. Equinox! But yes, yes, and more yes. This is what I meant to write yesterday, only not so eloquently. It is not my "favorite" time of year, but it is the most inspiring, I think.

  4. I was going to post a list of all my fall loves today too! I still will, yours is much more poetry than mine will be though. : )

  5. I find that the light and colors have depth and meaning, too. It's such an earthy season as well, rich and meaningful.
    And to think that it's just started!

  6. "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness"…when I can wear the sweaters I bought last June at 75% off. Halloween and Thanksgiving on the way!

  7. Fall brings a renewed sense of purpose, and an enjoyment of the natural that transcends the daily routine. I unfailingly look forward to it every year. The air freshens, the leaves begin to tumble, the people begin to busy themselves with countless small chores to ready the homestead, and themselves, for winter. You can never get it all done, but you feel like you could.It compares well with spring, and overcomes the long dullness of summer. Get out the boots and sweaters, it is the required uniform for hot drinks and long windy walks.

  8. Peg O' T: Thanksgiving is the word I look forward to. When I hear it used, it is such a comfort. (and I'll admit I had to look up the quote: John Keats, correct?)
    Doug: Unfortunately Los Angeles weather is going to spike into the high 80's by the end of the week; still, I've moved my boots to the front of my closet. It should just be a matter of weeks…

  9. This is a poem, Aubrey. The use of "I love" before every stanza is a literary device, but you probably know that. It reminds me of a Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge poem in which she declares, "I love reading newspapers."

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