I Got A Little Carried Away

Everyone in the neighborhood (or should I say neigh "boor" hood – because, really, I've never seen such goings on) was having so much fun with this, I thought I'd give it a try.



I do recommend that you try it, too.  

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4 responses to “I Got A Little Carried Away

  1. You got carried away?! Ooh! By a dark stranger on a white stallion just before going over the falls?
    Or swept away? On a beach?
    Your first one and the last one are my faves. I saw The Pantsless Dancer when you first put it up last night. "Pants" with an s in there. Heh, heh. All your author names and tag lines are a hoot.
    When I saw your first one posted it was almost midnight but I got hooked into making my own. Too bad, it wouldn't fit my title in. I had a pic of Eddie Izzard, titled: The Courtship of Eddie's Laughter, "The break ups! The make ups!", by I. Liner. It was fun. You know.

  2. Carried away and put into cargo storage. As usual.
    Eddie Izzard?
    "Izzard You Is Or Izzard You Ain't My Baby?"

  3. It was a whirlwind romance, like an eddy. I was blinded by love, in a blizzard.

  4. "Carried away and put into cargo storage. As usual."That cracked me up, thanks. (stamps This End Up on Aubrey's forehead)

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