Vox Hunt: Arts & Crafts – I Made Her What She Is

Show us something you made by hand.

Let me tell you about this girl.

She came from nothing.  Cardboard, glue, scraps.

She doesn't know how to behave yet.  She hasn't mastered a lady's craft.  She has no dignity.  All she wants is attention.  So she wears flamboyant colors – crimson and pink.  She demands that her seamstress, Mlle. Aubrey, use false roses, black (noir, or as she says, "no-ire') tassels and create feather headdresses and sequined camisoles.

She has no class.

But, rumor has it that she has recently come into some money, so as a result she went on some very unfortunate buying sprees.  Before Mlle. Aubrey could protest at the unfinished seams or the ragged lace sash,  she squealed with delight and tried the offending garment on:

She poses for all to see, thinking the gazes are of admiration.  No one tells her that the tastes and intuitions of an ex-chorusgirl simply won't do in proper society.  Stopping to pose in the middle of a street which is blackened and filthy, against a wall pitted with bullet holes and the skids of carriage wheels is simply vulgar.

Someone has to tell her.

Someone has to tell her that she owes her very existance to the hands-on brilliance of woofnanny and the thoughts she put into the head of Mlle. Aubrey, making her believe that she could create a lady out of a cone-shaped party hat, a xerox cutout, some stray sequins, a patch of velvet, and some paper flowers she bought at the flea market last Sunday.

But no one has to tell her that the base of her gown was purchased at 'Party Time America'.

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6 responses to “Vox Hunt: Arts & Crafts – I Made Her What She Is

  1. She knows how cute she is, and I agree.

  2. "She has no class" And she's no good at puns. "no-ire", tch. Most of all, she has no name. What shall she be called Mlle. Aubrey?

  3. I'm getting quite used to the "hands on brilliance". Hmmm.She's lovely.Isn't this fun? I want to make an entire chorus line! You could recreate every one of your lovely ladies….

  4. Well, on stage, she was known as Primrose Layne, but the good Mlle. is begging her to change it.

  5. All she wants is attention… and you've brought her that, poor girl. I think she's fetching, in a charmingly awkward way.

  6. I think Primrose Layne suits her, er, style!

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