Vox Hunt: Photography – Favorite Photo Of Me

Show us your favorite photo of yourself.

Well, I surely like the one of myself inspecting the Christmas tree, which I posted a couple of stories away.

Then I thought of something else:

You don't see me?  I think I was hiding.

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12 responses to “Vox Hunt: Photography – Favorite Photo Of Me

  1. too funny!
    love your mom's glam style!

  2. aw, so cute, even then!

  3. You look mah-velous! And your mom is kickin'!

  4. oh, this is so sweet!

  5. your mother's like something out of a magazine, like "Cosmo" meets "Home & Garden". Every pic I've seen she's just stylin' as all get out.

  6. Style was clearly bred in the bone in your family.

  7. Like mother; like daughter — beautiful and stylish! DKN is right it could have come from the pages of a magazine. 🙂

  8. My grandmother sewed and decorated (the blouse is embroidered) mother's outfit. Grandmother passed away a few years ago – she would have so appreciated your nice comments!

  9. The apple did not fall far from the tree.
    I love your interpretation of a fave photo of you. Your linked photo keeps you from being too abstract tho!

  10. Oh THERE you are! ;)LOL! Great picture!! Love it!

  11. It took me a while to find you!!!

  12. What a great picture. I love the old pictures that you dig up from your family archives. They make the most interesting stories too.

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