Agent of Evil?

Some people think so.

I'm not so sure.

We saw this little guy in Boyfriend's backyard…




…and he seemed kind of cute.

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18 responses to “Agent of Evil?

  1. I don't. I used to have a squirrel friend when I was in 4th grade about. He used to come in to our house all the time and we would feed him. They are so adorable 🙂

  2. That sqirrel is definitely up to something. Look at the nefarious way he skulks around the back yard, peforming unspeakable deeds. He's probably checking his stash. I bet he burries stuff in there all the time…

  3. sniff! Scurry! Flinch!

  4. I love the little fell's. I feed them and watch them play with my kitties through the windows. They get on the outside sill and kitties lay inside and nose the windows. I think they like each other.

  5. Definitely up to no good! Just look at that expression, so very Boris Karloff.

  6. So Cute! agent of evil huh? is that why they are digging around my yard?cutest agent of evil ever!

  7. haha…my dad HATES squirrels! They are the agents of evil to him. They wreak havoc in his garden, digging and chewing on things. They chew on buds and fruit, and also dig up stuff. He has a squirrel trap where he traps them and then drives them to this forested area about 30 minutes away. I think he has relocated about 60 squirrels in the past few years. We all get a good chuckle about his squirrely battles. The picture of him furiously driving to the forest with a pissed off squirrel in a cage in his backseat is quite hilarious!

  8. I likey the squirrels just fine. So they eat a bit o' birdfood. So what?I just put out extry birdfood when dere is squirrels around!

  9. Well, I can see that it's just about unanimous – squirrlies are not evil.
    However, I thought I'd present this question to my mother, whose opinion I value. I asked her if the squirrel was evil. Her answer:
    "Absolutely. It tries to kill people – it tried to kill me, once. And it fears no one.
    Once one hung on my window screen and stared at me. It was extremely frightening."
    There are some things that even Aubrey doesn't understand.

  10. It tries to kill peopleHow? With its teef and clawses? With a machete? Or maybe a gun made out of candy?!I'm having a hard time believing that your mother actually said these things. Then again, maybe I should go have a chat with Tufty the Traffic Safety Squirrel – Tufty will probably say "Yes, we do" re. homicide.

  11. Awww, cute!! definitely cute. i could watch squirrels all day long and never get bored (if only i were a cat with a window shelf)).

  12. She says that when she tried to shoo one away, it just stood its ground and stared back. That seems to have traumatized her, rather.
    Boyfriend and I both enjoy our squirrlie visitors – we just don't get where she's coming from.

  13. Oh, you poor, deluded, BRAINWASHED (squirrelwashed?) people. Squirrels are evil… EVIL, I TELL YOU!

  14. Nooooooo, squirrels are 'cute as!'OK, marsupials are a good start, but I wish we had squirrels too.

  15. Lol at Aubreymom. Hop on over to my vox and see what my dad just sent me. Parents! Ya never know!

  16. Okay I am siding with Aunt JEnny, well and maybe Aubrey's Mom except for the killing part., Which is making me giggle. They are cute so you don't expect them to be scheming. Hmmmm Maybe I need to go tom my vox and post the squirrel story… You do know they gang up don't you… ON unsuspecting cats and humans???? ; )

  17. Grey- v.s. red squirrels are like Europeans vs Native (Inuit?) Americans.

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