The Girl Next Door

She likes to visit us at work.  Well, sometimes.  Between her favorite soap operas.  After she's smoked a couple of Virginia Slims and and downed a glass or two of Midori liqueur.

I am convinced that she named herself, rather than suffer her owners to name her.  She is a cat, and her name is Princess.

She is a subtle calico; short on color with an expanse of white fur.  And I do mean expanse – she's a large girl.  We often comment on the chunkiness of her feline figure.  Princess will only throw us a glance that says:  "Better plump than plebian."

Her eyes are riveting:  light yellow-green, exquisitely outlined in black – like an Egyptian goddess.  She has a face full of beauty and expression.

Princess, quite deservedly so, possesses a deal of attitude.  She doesn't think much of our intelligence.

She likes to play us.  She'll be trotting down the path leading to our door.  One of us – usually me – will be on the front step, encouraging her to come over.  Then at the last moment…she'll swerve and take the side route to the backyard.  Or she'll sit on the welcome mat, looking in, meowing, but making no effort to enter.  One of us must stop working, get up, go outside and pet her.  Which of course we willingly do – and that only fuels her disgust.

I so wanted to take her picture.  I'd been bringing my camera to work for the past week, and today my efforts finally paid off.  Now, one would think that a cat, a calico one for that matter, in addition one named Princess, would willingly pose and preen for some photographic fame.

Not this girl

She was a TERRIBLE model.  I hadn't realized how constantly her head moves, her eyes roam, her paws twitch.  She'd be still for an isolated moment, when – wait!  What's that over there?  Is it a leaf?  A pebble?  Can't be sure – better go investigate.  The biped with the Kodak Digital can wait.  6.1 megapixels don't impress me.

I don't know how you manage to take such marvelous photos of your animal friends.  How can you anticipate another living thing's lively interest?  Princess, it's just a pebble, for Christ's sake!

Still, you never know.  It might turn out to be the final jewel she needs for her crown.

Curiosity, you know.

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16 responses to “The Girl Next Door

  1. What a beauty. I love that Egyptian eyeliner look. (Our momcat at home has 'em too.)

  2. Ah what a beauty she is.

  3. I love the name 'calico cat'. In Britain they are called tortoiseshell which isn't as good.She is lovely. I want her to visit me.

  4. She's amazing. Please post her to Britain. We'll pet her and love her and return her in good condition.

  5. She's SUCH a pretty cat. Now I just learned that if they have the tabby stripes AND the calico colors… then they're TAlicos… how about that for a silly name. Princess has amazing eyes. Lovely post Aubrey.

  6. I love her coloring! And, it is hard to believe how the buggers won't sit still for a moment, isn't it?10X zoom? I think we have the same camera, Aubrey! 😉

  7. "Princess" isn't a name, it's a title–humanity is not worthy to know her real name.
    Taking pictures of cats in motion is mostly trial and error for me–I just got a lovely snap of the rug where Sukey was just a second ago.

  8. I'm too sexy for my fur.

  9. She is a beauty, Aubrey. And I love your pebble comment at the end–it might just be the final jewel for her crown. Perfect.

  10. Hee! "Better plump than plebeian." That may have to be my new motto.

  11. She is being coy. After all, a lady does not give up her affections too quickly.

  12. cats rule. Nothing else needs to be said.Great pix!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Where do you work that they let you have kitties?!?

  14. Princess wanted to thank you in person for your kind words, but at the last moment she saw a butterfly which needed chasing off the premises.
    brinnann, we don't work at a regular office, it's more of a renovated apartment unit. We literally have an open-door policy, so she can wander in when/if she pleases.

  15. Kitteh!!
    I saw a bengal kitteh today for the first time. Very soft, with cute leopard-like spots and a striped back. He was on a leash at the post office. The post office employees knew him by name (Houdini), and he jumped up on their counter for pets.
    I have trained one of my dog clients to pose for me. His mom says I'm the only one he's willing to pose for–I have been granted the gift of his smiling face.

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