Just One Question…

I know that this month is what we call August.

I know that this season is what we call High Summer.

I know that when I went outside this afternoon, I felt like I was wearing a sweater made of flames, rather than a light, rather kicky Custo t-shirt.

I know that all the skinny girls on 3rd St. are wearing shorts and patternless tank tops of unmemorable color.

I know that it's sticky.

I know that it's sweaty.

I know that the air in Los Angeles has been thick, heated and clogging.

I know that we're expected to eat FRUIT for dessert during these blighted months.

I know for a fact that it was 80 degrees at the beach today, and frankly, I'm disgusted.

But I still have to ask just one question…

Will it be Christmas soon?

(See that tree ornament on the lower branch?  It looks like it's brushing against my patent leather shoe?  I still have it.  It's pink, a bit faded, and I would never throw it away.)

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16 responses to “Just One Question…

  1. Yet again, another winner. Reading your posts is a joy.

  2. I got a Christmas catalog in the mail today, so apparently it's just around the corner…

  3. [this is sweet]
    I try to buy myself 1 fancy ornament a year. I don't have a christmas tree – and don't even bother with the holiday – but it fufills something from my childhood about wanting pretty ornaments that I couldn't have. I leave them wrapped and stash them away. I literally don't even know what I've done with most of them… but I hope they make a great "score" for someone someday after I die. I've got a really ecletic mix of beauty, retro, and funny/new.

  4. Poetry to our hears. I love that you still have the ornament.

  5. You need Bay Area August.Fog City.Sair's birthday parties (the 15th) usually were outside, and involved young children in party hats turning blue.Love old Christmas ornaments!

  6. Where can I find a beach with 80-degree weather?!? Where? Wherewherewherewherewhere?

  7. Love your post, but what is a "Custo t-shirt"? (Enquring minds, et. al. ….)

  8. It seems to be lots of people's policy to buy an ornament a year! I used to limit myself to buying one…and it had to be AFTER Thanksgiving. Now, it's more like a minimum of one. One particularly mad year I bought five wooden ornaments, hand painted, handing by gold tassels. One year I bought two wonderful gilded goldfish at Liberty's of London.
    Add this to my parents' and grandparents' ornaments, and I have quite a cache of decorations.
    Oh – e2c – Custo makes the most wonderful clothing. Click on the link – I was wearing the shirt in the middle.

  9. That's wonderful. And you should come to London – it's cold and raining here.

  10. Aubrey is adorable in her baggy stockings. And yes, Christmas is certainly coming. Always sooner than you think!

  11. I am personally waiting for Halloween/

  12. Fox – I would like nothing more than to visit London. But that is many paychecks away.
    Doug – Thanks for the compliment and the comfort!
    PP – You've reminded me – I have LOTS of swell Halloween pictures just waiting to be scanned!
    Grumblette – Jul-ice? August Gusts? I've been trying to think of terms all day.

  13. It has been especially cool and breezy here this August, Agusty even.

  14. This is fantastic. A tiny Louise even then. Lovely.

  15. adorable picture- that tinsel brought back memories!!!!!!! I hate summer and it's yuckiness, Winter can't arrive too soon. Thanks for reminding me that it will, in fact, come again this year. YAY!!!!!!!!!!

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