‘The War Of The Animals’

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of a very rare and exciting find:  the original hand-written manuscript of 'The War Of The Animals'.  Written and illustrated by Aubrey, this is indeed an artistic tour-de-force, with words that breathe fire and violence, with illustrations full of incident and spirit – it is a brutally honest reflection of the confusing and terrifying times in which the young Aubrey lived while composing this remarkable work.

By testing the paper quality and the inks, we have ascertained that Aubrey was six years old when she committed to paper her impressions of a hostile, threatening world - we would be happy to confirm this with the author, but she isn't talking.  Frankly, she told the museum's representative to go away, requesting that all matters of age be left to our imagination.

Talented, irascible, a true national treasure, Aubrey has written a story for all times, a tale of good and evil, an eternal ballad, a verbal miracle:


It was morning in the small forest in Italy.  Dispite the animals nationality each and every one of them spoke English.  The population of the forest was small but not too small.  The leader of the animals was the stag.  He did not boss anyone around so everybody loved and respected him.  It was one fine day that the eagle had reported sinister movements in the other forest.

'Impossible', said the skunk 'Why would the other forest be doing such a thing?' 

'I don't know', said the eagle 'I know I saw it.'  he said.

There was a stunned silence but the fox shattered.  'Your CRAZY!' he said at the top of his lungs.  'I have…'

'SHUT UP!'  This was the stag.  The fox backed away into the crowd.  The stag continued.  Now why is his theory so Impossible?  As he spoke he quickly glanced at the skunk.  The skunk turned a bright read.  'Just as I thought,' said the stag.  Just then the eagle spoke up.  'I just forgot the animals I was talking about were armed too.'  All the animals guessed there was going to be war.  So they began their own army with guns swords the works.

Just than a loud noise cme not to far away, the noise was so loud the stag jumped 10 feet into the air.  After the noise muffled footsteps came.  'They're coming!' everybody wispered to each other.  The Lion peeked out.  There he saw standing more than 5 feet away were animals all right but they were Jungle animals!  He managed to tell the stag who just nodded to the eagle who brought War Ponies!  Everybode jumped on their ponies. 

Then the stag called their battle cry:  'Remember the Forest!'  Just then the tiger and stag jumped on each other and fought their hardest.  The tiger clamped his jaws on the stags foot.  Then the porcupine jumped off his pony and stuck one of his quills in the tiger's foot.  Wow!  Did that tiger go!

But now the zebra rushed toward the eagle and since his wing was wounded he couldn't fly.  This was the zebra's chance.  He got ready but the lion bit him on the leg and took care of the zebra.  The same thing happened to the Buck and before you knew it the forest WON!

They had a celebration and they never quarreled with the jungle again!


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13 responses to “‘The War Of The Animals’

  1. Awwwwww! You are just adorable, Aubs!
    "Quill you …" hehe. You were already doing this stuff back then?
    I used to do this when I was a child! Thanks for bringing the memories back!

  2. [esto es genial]

  3. Gripping stuff. What a literate child! I don't think I would have come up with "muffled footsteps" at six.
    I'm putting a war pony on my birthday list now.

  4. Somebody call Peter Jackson, I smell the makings of a great epic here!

  5. ahaha..what a fantastic story!! that's probably better than i could write at my current age..

  6. Fantastic- I love the porcupine drawing!
    That lion is tough- he "took care" of everybody.

  7. delightful – both the art and narration!

  8. An exerpt from the museum's guidebook:
    "When asked about the recurring theme of Ponies in her art in an interview with Horse Illustrated, Aubrey was heard to say that it was a reflection of the way people used their own kind, for better or for worse. 'Sometimes there was patience, sometimes there was rebellion in the face of control.' Remember, this was a time of war, of hippies, of campus protests and sit ins."

  9. Oh, this is priceless! Truly!How funny to read this when just last night I was going through my oldest son's collections of school papers. They started in preschool and went all the way up through high school. I am trying to consolidate cuz all of my "shtuff" is taking up too much room.But, to go through his writings was so hilarious and tugging at my heartstrings. There some similar stories to your War of the Animals…but most of his were boy stuff….stories of torturing teachers and stories about how much his younger brother and sister annoy him.Lol.Great post, Aub!!

  10. I couldn't write or draw that well in my entire life! I was still on stick figures at 6. (and at 30…)

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