QotD: Stress Case…”I Was Gambling In Havana…”

People do many different things to cope with stress, loss, and "bumps in the road". How do you handle stress and hard times? 
Submitted by RedlyGal

Sometimes it's not so much a matter of what you do, but of what you need.

In times of the deepest, murkiest, muddiest stress, I need three things. 

I need lawyers:

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I need guns:

And I need money:




 And I need to hear this without so much saxophone.

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6 responses to “QotD: Stress Case…”I Was Gambling In Havana…”

  1. What a hoot. That was great. Thanks

  2. Remind me to celebrate a bad day with you sometime!

  3. Amen to the less saxophone. Love this song, though.

  4. One of the best songs ever.(You gotta love the tough guy "Dad, get me out of this.")

  5. SMisery: How missed he will be!
    Leenda: That can be any day, any time. There will always be a particular awfulness that needs to be discussed.
    Redz: It almost sounded like he was trying to mimic a screaming guitar. Which might have been technologically impressive, but completely unecessary. The production on the album was streamlined and tough – perfect for his voice.
    lauowolf: I'd comment on that, but I'm about to go hiding in Honduras.

  6. Was that David Sanborn? I didn't realize he had a show. I'm out of the loop, too busy watching crime shows…or the food network.

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