Grilling on the 4th

Freedom to eat what I want

Wearing stretch-waist pants


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13 responses to “Barbe-Ku

  1. awesome. completely awesome!

  2. pants? bah to pants.Freedom means freedom from pants.

  3. suggest rewrite: "wearing big mu-mu"

  4. OK. Rewrite:
    "Grilling on the fourth
    Free of pants-like restrictions
    Let the eating start"
    (note: if the cook is sans-coullottes, he/she should beware of any stray burning coals)

  5. !yay!see? much more relaxin'

  6. Because men can cook, as long as they aren't in the kitchen.

  7. yeah BBQ time. Let the eating begin.

  8. Fantastic. I agree, people without pants should stay clear of burning embers.
    Unless you are into that sort of thing. o_O

  9. Burning embers and burning members.I'll bring the Jell-O! Nooo not for eating…Another sure-fire post from Aubrey!

  10. Let the flames begin!

  11. great food-ku! it really captures the spirit of the holiday. 🙂

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