Vox Hunt: Cold, Folded & Beautiful. And Old, Too.

Show us something (or someone) old and beautiful. 
Submitted by falcon.kmc.

And you thought I'd include a picture of myself here.  Sorry.  This evening wit takes a holiday.

I wanted to present two examples of beautifiul age.

One is from a warm city, the other stands in a cold country.  One is folded and was meant to hang from a dancer's wrist.  The other is built of cold stone and is anchored into the grouond.  One can fade and be torn.  The other can only be torn by gunpower, and if anything, as the years pass the color deepens – from standing in cruel weather, from allowing moss and ivy to encroach its walls and empty windows.

One is in my house:


The other is thousands of miles away:

The first item is a dance card from what must have been a simply frantic ball, held in New Orleans, on Fat Tuesday, 1915.  Thte cover is endearing:  lifelike masks meant to be held fast with ribbons of lemon silk.  A king's crown and scepter placed on a plush blue cushion.  Flowers.  Owls.  Jester's caps.  It must have been a madcap evening – what did it matter that there was a war in Europe?

Inside, the names of the committee members are telling:  J. Eugene Pierce ("Duke of Amusements"); W. McL. Fayssoux ("Duke of Trouble"); Geo. W. Clay ("Duke of Futures"); Uriah J. Virgin ("Duke of Flowers"); the Hon. Chas. O'Conner ("Duke of Chinamen").

Despite the colored ink that is begiinning to dull, and the edges showing signs that it is beginning to travel the distance of all ephemera, this card is beyond lovely.

The second item was created for war, not for dance.

Scarborough Castle was begun around 1140, when the kingship of England was still a topic of a very bloody discussion, indeed.  This fortified keep was meant to keep its lonely vigil over a threatening sea.  Rooted in the stony cliffs, who could tell if the rocks and granite of the castle walls yearned to return to the earth?

Over 500 years later, Scarborough was one of the many buildings 'slighted', as part of Cromwell's policy of disembowelilng any structure which could possibly offer protection to any Royalst intent on avenging the death of his king. 

Castle ruins represent a type of fierce fragility.  Though fire and gunpowder exploded their walls, the thousands of bricks are exposed like layers of pastry.  The cracks, the chips, the fractures are dainty details which are marvelous. 

Small, ephemeral.

Blocking out thte sky; solid and unyielding.

Some things are just ageless.

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2 responses to “Vox Hunt: Cold, Folded & Beautiful. And Old, Too.

  1. beautiful juxtaposition, aubrey.

  2. You have such a beautiful way with words, Aubrey. Beautiful.

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