QotD: Little Did They Know

What other names did your parents consider for you?

Well, my father wanted to name me Rita.  This was before the time of lovely meter maids, so the only reason Mother put the kabosh on this idea was that to her it sounded like the name of a truckstop waitress.  (I pause to apologize to any Ritas currently in the audience.  Oh, and not that there's anything wrong with truckstop waitresses, either.)

So there's that story.

Who is ever initially content with their given name?  I HATED mine! 

What if I was in on the naming process?  What if, still in swaddling clothes, I knew right then that I wanted to grow into a hopeless romantic – how would I style myself then: 'Yseult Danaé is the confidante of M. Gillenormand. She is a vampire slayer who is gifted with magickal powers. Her hair is lush amber and her cerulean eyes are soul-piercing. She is instantly recognizable by her rakish scar.'

It's many years later.  My lush amber hair has been cut short and is now black.  I wear glasses so men's souls are safe from my eyes' piercing properties.  But the scar?  I remain proudly recognizable.  Jean Claude St. Claire de Fleur de la Tour et Lafitte avec Buerre could fight well.


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6 responses to “QotD: Little Did They Know

  1. So much fun, this post! Love the picture- and the "visuals"- !!

  2. I spent a good half hour browsing through the descriptions. The time-wastage was awful. Then I felt like Yseult, but today, I think I am like "the brown sugar-haired, lavender-eyed beauty known only as Aurelie who has a secret: not only is she a foreign princess, she is Bossuet's protegée! Her enchanting smile and keen night vision set her apart from others."
    See? – this stuff is irresistable!

  3. Jean Claude St. Claire de Fleur de la Tour et Lafitte avec Buerre–hilarious. I mean, actually, should it be beurre?

  4. emily, you are right. Should I go in and edit, or let it stand, so I should be recognizable by my ignorance as well as my rakish scar?

  5. Thanks for the big smile!!!Now I should get myself off to work, whilst pondering a name for a laboratory slave…wait, I got it….just call me Igor!!!*waves byebye*

  6. How funny. I remember saying than an older picture of your mom looked like Rita Hayworth. Yseult? Is that pig nuckle jello? My friend Ingrid from Estonia made something that when spoken sounded the way that is spelled.

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