QotD: Fascinating Class

What is the most interesting class you have ever taken? 
Submitted by Melissa

Oh, I've had interesting classes.  Why some of them even broke the fourth seal and became fascinating.

But I would like to mention the fascinating classes that I didn't take – the opportunities that were there, but which I did not grasp.

Long ago, when many of my Vox neighbors were still in their fetal stage, I held a job in advertising.  The afternoons were long, we were bored, and usually spent said afternoons xeroxing articles about spontaneous combustion and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

But one day, I was handed this sheet, and it seemed to offer endless possibilities:

Many classes caught my eye:

'Creative Suffering'
'Learn The Proper Way To Harrass' (I considered applying for a teaching job for that one)
'What To Do With Your Conversation Pit'
'Tap Dance Your Way To Ridicule'
'Skate Yourself to Regularity'
'Bonsai Your Pet'

Yes, I could have investigated any of these classes.  But something must have come up.  I probably had something to xerox.

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28 responses to “QotD: Fascinating Class

  1. haha – I like the fact that the instructors were all such experts and that attendance was encouragedI'd never be able to choose…

  2. [esto es genial]

  3. Sign me up for Self-actualization through macrame.

  4. I've long sought the illusive "Underwater Liquid Soap Carving" course.

  5. arbed: I think the company was at a low ebb at the time, and was investigating new directions to improve morale.
    Alex: why, to prove that you can!
    brownA: FYI, supplies were not included, I do recall that that policy was in force.
    Leenda: I wish you luck, I hear that it's a very cleansing class.

  6. Guilt without sex? Am I teaching that one?
    I am interested in converting my family room into a garage though. A garage with some hot sweaty good looking mechanics…hahha

  7. "bonsai your pet"!! i'm in…and…creative depression II? is creative depression I a prerequisite or do they assume most folks in LA automatically qualify…?

  8. Creative Tooth Decay.My cavities are so boring.

  9. Ms. Pants: So would there be guilt, or no…?
    IG: The finals for Creative Depression I take the form of your own liturgical dance. It's what I heard, anyway. Very few survive. The classes for CD II were quite small.
    LT: If you have cavities, they need boring. C'mon, you know the drill.

  10. You're welcome, Aubrey.

  11. [esto es genial]

  12. I like Money Can Make You Rich.

  13. Love it Aubrey, love it. I am going to submit this when I get my annual appraisal later in the month. For now I think I should go find my Phd certificate in Guilt Without Sex 😉

  14. How to overcome self-doubt through pretense and ostentation. i've encountered several people with a PhD in that, and I've always felt at a disadvantage.

  15. I heard they got MIchael Brown as a guest lecturer for Looting American Cities.

  16. Conversation Pits…oh my god, i remember them Aubrey…I wanted us to have one of those soooooo much.I'm sure you're kicking yourself now for not taking advantage of this opportunity…&:o(

  17. LT: You know me – just take, take, take.
    lemon: That was the chief criticism of these classes – creative, yes, but would any of them lead to a career?
    lauowolf: I believe that was a debating class.
    Philhellene: An extremely crowded class…they had to rent out an auditorium.
    LM: Were you ever an art major?
    brownA: And I believe he did a helluva job.
    YGRS: 'Exorcism and Acne' and still I didn't inquire. What was wrong with me?

  18. High Fiber Sex? That sounds uncomfortable. Unless they mean you'll learn how to make your sex life more regular.

  19. Hmmm, I wonder how the How to Draw Genitalia class would be conducted? That might be interesting. Might.

  20. AmyH: I believe you're thinking about the 'Skate Yourself To Regularity' class – I heard that the 'High Fiber Sex' course involved bran. It's only what I've heard, however.
    woofie: That class was intended to improve your ability to draw by memory.

  21. Dang, but then at least you can take the drawing class together with the guilt class.

  22. @woofnanny – however the class is conducted, speaking for myself, I would surmise that it would go best with plenty of lead in one's pencil ;-)@AmyH – all i know about high fibre sex is: never make love in a corn field…as it goes against the grain 😉

  23. LOL! I worked for a large company during that same time period and we had a handful of things circulating that remind me of this -and aimed primarily at the WOMEN who were clawing (!!!!) their way up the corporate ladder- much of it was parody, thank goodness. Some was serious, and frightening – and would be actionable, today.
    I wish I had kept the circulating materials!!
    Thanks for the ride on that particular memory-float!!! Lots of fun.
    BTW -my selection would be: Tap Dance Your Way to Social Ridicule! For me, an easy "A." 🙂

  24. lauowolf: for double credits? Might have to discuss that with your counselor.
    (kicks Philhellene out of neighborhood)
    robbiedobbie: I have two folders full of all the rubbish we sent to each other…most of which I had taped to the walls of my cubicle. Work related stuff? Never heard of it.

  25. Oh, I'm finally getting around to enjoying these! I even think i
    may have seen something similar floating around years ago.

    My fav: What to do with your Conversation Pit.
    Well, since most of my conversations are the pits, I figure I could teach that class.

  26. HAHA! I just saw this, what the hayle?

  27. Ha ha! I got a particular chuckle from 'Needlecraft for Junkies' and 'Whine Your Way to Alienation'.

  28. Somewhere in my collection, I have a button that says "Guilt without sex". I occasionally had people spot it and ask if I was Catholic!! LOL.
    I've been working on my degree in Understanding Nudity for years. And could definitely use that "1001 Other Uses For Your Vacuum Cleaner" (since we all know it's not being used for its intended purpose).

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