Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

OK, eight.

And, actually, I've already had dinner.

And they're sort of the truth.

DKN, who teaches Integrity With Initials and practices liturgical lettering, has reached across the Vox ether to tag me.  She claims that it is my duty to list eight interesting facts about myself.  Well, let me say upfront that I do not possess eight interesting facts of a personal nature.  So following is a list of sorts, made up of facts and made-up facts.  Because, like a hostess who will invite anyone just to fill in the seats at a big diinner, I'll say anything. 

1.  I am a fortune-teller of some repute.  I know what your end will be.

2.  I enjoy puns (I almost typed 'pus'.  I don't enjoy that.), but the effort often gives me a headache, and I will then have to lay down in a darkened room, where I need to be fanned and cooled by beautiful eunuchs.

3.  I will be working in the media room at Erotica Los Angeles, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  I don't think that anything else needs to be said at this point, except that I do hope that the Booty Parlour will return as one of the vendors.

4.  I used to dream of livin' in a corridor.

5.  I wrote a press release about a movie starring Bruce Campbell and alien termites.

6.  I have gone kung-fu fighting.  And it WAS a little bit frightening.

7.  One year – late high school, early college – I spent the entire summer teaching myself English history.  I took out thte 'E' volume of the Encyclopedia Brittanica and set to memorizing all the historical goings on from 1066 to 1603.  It was like throwing spaghetti against a wall:  some of it stuck, some of it didn't.

8. I believe that the mind is capable of more things than most people give it credit for.

I pin the tag on the following:




Indy Bunny





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15 responses to “Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

  1. Hey! Your convention sounds way more interesting than mine! *pouts*And, I am totally gnashing my teeth with envy over your bevy of beautiful, fan-wielding eunuchs. That's it. I am so moving to LA!

  2. Do we have a date for the convention yet? I seem to recall it being in June. And there IS more to say… did you get a corset to wear to it? I'm not sure why but I wonder about that ALL the time.
    ps: PM me with which booth you'll be in & days/times.
    pps: Eunuchs are such a waste… I prefer gay men. All the beauty, including the naughty bits, and just as little sex (with me anyway).

  3. ZUMANITY will be at the convention?? OH, holy crap, now I'm DEFINITELY there (I'm a HUGE cirque fanatic).
    For anyone else in the greater LA area: June 22-24. Google it yourself for more info.

  4. And I think the Fashionistas will be there on Friday.
    I don't know which days I'll be working – two of the three – I'll let you know as soon as I find out.
    I intend on buying a corset AT the convention.

  5. About 4, why did you dream of living in a corridor…was it like a bad dream? Overall, you do have an interesting list of things you did…on an unrelated note, when did you visit India?

  6. hey you tagged me:) My first tag ever!

  7. Great Eight Things!Hey, LeendaDLL, Zumanity was awesome! Saw it in Vegas. I am going to go find an Erotica Convention, now. Bye!

  8. Cool list, dude. I wanna go to the Booty Parlour!

  9. Alien termites?All I can think of it GalaxyQuest, but that wasn't their real name.

  10. Re: #4 – "Woulda' been a palace to us!"Ha!Re: #8 – Ayup.

  11. Rhea: Never been to India! Also, #4 was a reference to my favorite Monty Python sketches. I just couldn't resist.
    lauowolf: Oh, OK – you know I could never keep a secret from you.

  12. i'll have to try that teaching summer of learning technique! it sounds like a great plan!

  13. Eunuchs, Kung-Fu, and booty! All brought to you by the letter 'E'. The mind, being capable of so much, boggles!

  14. I just noticed you tagged me while I was away. I will respond in kind this weekend, probably. Ta.

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