QotD: Take Me Away – It’s All In Your Mind

Where do you go to get away from it all? 
Submitted by Hops.  

Get away from it all?  Everything?  Well, that would involve complete oblivion – sleep, or maybe something darker.

Now, if today's question is edging towards escapism – a state of mind wholly desireable, totally unrealistic and one proven to be unhealthy (like any vacation, departure is a pleasure, but the return trip is a grim pain, with more rocky landings then I care to recount) – well, if I can't be here:

And if I can't see this:

I would most certainly escape into history.

History is a comfort.  You are reading and learning about people that died away centuries ago.  And yet, in the hearts of the readers and the minds of the teachers, they live on.

History is sights, smells, textures and events that you can only imagine.  And there's the escape:  your mind.  History's facts are caught fast in your imagination, like flies in amber.

Peering through the eyes of people shimmering through history's fabric, shouldering their feelings, placing your feet in the mud of their battlefields, in the dust of their unpaved roads…you're experiencing something that is a chronological impossibility.  And there's the rub.  And that's the escape.

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10 responses to “QotD: Take Me Away – It’s All In Your Mind

  1. You are a rare historian, Aubrey. History is clearly your true love. I think if I were to escape into history I would peek into the days of Anais Nin in Paris–not so long ago, but it was a time of liberation and awakening, a time of prolific artistic production, a time of romantic excitement. Or do I only imagine that it was–do I look at history with rose-colored glasses? Maybe I do sometimes and then I wonder how it Really was.

  2. tá cuma mhaith ar sin.
    And what castle would that be now?

  3. "You are reading and learning about people that died away centuries
    ago. And yet, in the hearts of the readers and the minds of the
    teachers, they live on."Isn't it wonderful? I think you've picked a wonderful escape.

  4. so beautifully expressed.

  5. Renee: do we see through a rosy tint? Unfortunately, there's only one way to find out. All we can do on this side is try to learn and understand all that we possibly can.
    pyrit: this particular one, my love, is Harlech Castle – one of the gems Edward I scattered over Wales in the late 13th century.

  6. This is "daionus" ("Good" in Welsh. Looked it up.)
    That is a huge castle! We can all escape there with you!

  7. Maybe CO Soiree #2 could be held there?
    This could be an idea most 'penigamp'. ("Excellent" – I looked it up, too.)

  8. that would be fantastic! count me in. 🙂

  9. So we register with the Welsh Tourism Board and we're in right?Or we'll be Castle Harlech squatters!I have rellies all around Belfast (weird ones), Manchester (cool, but not consistently) and I have rellies in Glamorgan, Wales (we would scare the bejezzus out of 'em, knock the door, HI, we're AMERICAN, can we spend the night?!), and fun ones in Wiltshire, England, who'll help us storm Harlech Castle, or at least keep us supplied with drinks of courage!Sorry, Aubrey, your post is most elegant and not deserving of my debaucherous comments.

  10. I take an odd enjoyment out of scaring people I don't know. Your idea can work, pyrit. A castle soiree – you, my own pathelogical self, LM, all the other peeps…I think we can fit in. In case directions get a little dicey, well, as you can see, a map has already been provided.

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