The Mother Lode

I choose this name for my Mother's Day post because with my mother I have indeed struck it rich, receiving a wealth of love and happiness I honestly don't think I deserve, and which I'm sure I stumbled upon out of sheer stupid, blind, dumb, birthing luck.

I knew this when I was eight:

And I know it now.  I always will.

And to honor the gratitude I feel for my mother, I would like to present a Mothering history, starting at the beginning, when she was curly-haired and chubby (and apparently easily hypnotized) in Stelton, New Jersey:

As a young woman, the world of music pulled like a magnet, inspiring her to study her craft and to learn – in several punishing courses – how to play the maracas: 

In early married life, she chose to lay down the maracas – I tried to continue the tradition, but was never able to master their complexity – to pick up the instruments of the housewife:

Every Christmas she received her pay via a richly endowed Money Tree:

The proceeds of which went towards numerous expensive trips to Las Vegas.  Mother actually knew several key people at Ceasar's Palace personally:

And now, having raised a rather marvelous family, she remains as beautiful, as mad, as clever, as funny as ever:

I love you, mom.  Happy Mother's Day.

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12 responses to “The Mother Lode

  1. very well done. What a beautiful lady.

  2. She's a lovely soul and lucky to have had you, Aubrey!

  3. What a kick-ass lady!

  4. If your mom was fiction, no one would believe it.Whatta dame.

  5. Rather. And you can make book on that.

  6. best mother's day post I've seen

  7. What a wonderful tribute! And, to know how awesome your mother has been, we only have to look/read/hear from….You! Good job, Melinda's mom! 😀

  8. Wow, what a treasure trove of images! So glamourous, even ironing. Say 'hello' for me. We need a shopping day…

  9. wow, what beautiful photos. and what lovely memories to go with them.

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