Swag Hag

At work, co-workers will go to parties.  Or 'events'. Or dinners.  Or presentations.  It's a necessary evil.  It's a perc.  It's boring.  It's whoring.  It's also an excuse to dress up in pretty clothes and drink martinis hand over fist – but unfortunately I don't get invited to these things very often.

Anyway, a co-worker did go to one of these soirees.  He came back, little the worse for wear, with a gift bag.  (the quality of a party is always measured by the depth of its swag)  He pretty much invited people to his desk, so they could take what they wanted.  But he put THIS packet of writing paper on my desk:

What was he trying to say?

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14 responses to “Swag Hag

  1. I believe he's saying: "You rock, Aubrey! (Please don't hit me.)"

  2. Well, I never hear the first sentence, but I hear the second one on a daily basis.

  3. Boy that is a weird deal. I am not sure how to take it.

  4. LOL! nailed it. that's exactly what he's saying.

  5. He probably thought it was cute, knows you have an elaborate and quirky sense of humor, and thought you'd enjoy it!

  6. I think he knows you are probably the only one in your office who would appreciate that.

  7. I don't see it. When I think AUBREY, I think elegant, continental, sophisticated. I don't see that nearly moribund character as a match for you at all.

  8. Probably that you're an awesome, awesome person!

  9. I agree with DKN. He probably figured no one else in the office had the equanimity and elan to deal.

  10. oohhh equanimity. what a good word!

  11. Aubrey makes me remember my big words. 🙂

  12. Maybe he wants you to write him a nasty note.

  13. Oh, I usually just say something sarcastic. That way the whole office can hear.

  14. bang on, Laurie, i agree: i think it's a compliment! not a very conventional one, but a compliment all the same! You DO rock, Aubrey! 😉
    and by the way, I'm stealing this from you: "the quality of a party is always measured by the depth of its swag."
    wise words indeed, luv.

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