The Orphan Train

Now, this kitten – flopsy ears and all – was featured in the Los Angeles Times last week.  Do you think it doesn't already have a line of fosters waiting for the paw or meep of approval to be laid on them? 

But there are so many more.  And more still.  And a few more after that.

I can't keep animals.  The owners of my apartment would have me tossed out, like a bin of spoiled greens.  But as with other things, if I can't give affection I can surely give $$$ (or $$ or $).  

Now, I know I'm preaching (and hoping I'm not lecturing) to the choir on this particular topic, but I just thought I'd take a moment to remind everyone that trains full of orphaned animals arrive at shelters around the world, and the tracks seem to go on forever.

A traditional folk song, 'The Poor Orphan Child', ends with:

"Bless every hand that leaves them aid and bless the orphan home"

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8 responses to “The Orphan Train

  1. I thank god every day for finding my Little Orphan Annie in a box in Arizona. So many animals are put down and mistreated. I hate it.

  2. so true. (and OMG the poor wittle kitten!)

  3. those eyes! and the adorable little footsies. 😦 thanks for the reminder, aubrey. this is such a hard one. we had an anti-critter landlord situation ourselves not too long ago, and ended up smuggling Indy into our apartment anyway. but then the issue became: how to find room for a second bun that needs a home? there are so many. sigh.

  4. Awwww…..I'm sure she's in her forever home already (if she's old enough to be spayed and stuff). Looks like you and I were on the same wavelength re posts today. 😉

  5. I have the same problem but I'm hoping to see if my strata will change the rules. And I completely agree but I'd like to add, give the most money to shelters that have a "no kill" rule. They need more money to feed and house the animals.

  6. IG, LD – once I thought I'd be getting a cat; I even had a name chosen for it…Aubrey. I was scoping out the neighborhood for suitable vets and pet supply stores instead of schools and parks. But I soon found out that my circumstances were otherwise.
    Really, it was just like a false pregnancy.
    By the way, the only vet close by is next door to a Jack-In-The-Box. That seems wrong.

  7. Aubrey Junior. That would be cute. Jack in the Crack and animals. I have eaten there and believe it. All our babies have been found and saved. I know just by how old they all are that they have had great lives but……. We have benefitted far more than they have. How much joy we get and how full our our hearts for having our little family gather each night and settle into our old fart routine. Two dogs and two cats and we are all so routine it is funny. This one gets up, that one jumps onto item A, this one goes into the other romm, that one follows and a little row ensues. I love being old and am forever greatful that I will hopefully be here long enough to never have to worry about what will become of them after I am gone.

  8. Aw. *sniffles* Thanks for the reminder. Poor little orphan critters need our love and our money.

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