The Chicks Just Keep On Comin’

Around this time of year, things like this are happening everywhere:

And you know what?  They're going to be happening next year, too.  Animals are insistant and incessant on this particular subject.

But difference makes it none.  I love getting a peek at this.

Little birdlettes have their adult feathers growing in…they're getting to be quite big, nearly pushing Mom out of the nest.  This coming week might be their last one at home.  They will soon be leaving the nest.

Husband has been nowhere to be found.  I hope we're not dealinig with a deadbeat dove.

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2 responses to “The Chicks Just Keep On Comin’

  1. i hope they keep coming back. i hope to get hummingbird feeders up soon

  2. Aww! It is crazy how big they get and mom still sits on 'em! I don't know what is going on with my nest. It was empty for a couple of days then I think, the other day I walked out & disturbed them-ahem- 'mid-act' and then Mom was sitting on the nest for a little while. I just washed off my porch furniture too. that bird doo is pretty toxic, it ate a hole through some of the paint. yeesh.
    anyway, your little dewds are cute, they definitely look almost ready to flyyyyy.

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