Vox Hunt: In Costume: The 1930’s and Sher-lock and Load

Video: Show us some amazing costumes from a TV show, film, music video or performance.

I could have gone in so many directions here.  Elizabeth R., The Six Wives of Henry VIII (no leather wife-beater either, thankyouverymuch, Showtime), Upstairs, Downstairs (couldn't find Hazel's ca. 1916 black and pink gown), The Bucaneers (saw nothing of interest – sorry, Tampa Bay), Poldark (I only found video montages set to songs by Oasis and Kansas…quite blindly grotesque), The Forsythe Saga (Irene's Madame X-style red gown was too badly lit)…where to turn?

The question is WHEN.  To 1934, my babies: 'The Thin Man'.  Where everyone was dapper and divine.  William Powell in his Oxford bags, Myrna Loy in any damn thing she pleases.  There were tweeds, silks, velvets, flounces, lace and ruffles…ladies were packed into their skirts, and men's ties were knotted tighter than a hoodsman's noose. Dolly Tree, Aubrey salutes you:

Anything else?  SO much else.  Jeremy Brett and Sherlock Holmes.  The Sherlock Holmes series was Victorian perfection:  in decoration, speech and clothing – even in the historical tidbits providing illumination throughout.  Fashion details were accurate and much appreciated:  the gradual change in women's dress from the late 1880's to the teens was recognized and reflected.  Corsets and brocades gave way to blouses and the whalebone-induced S-shaped silhouette.

Jeremy Brett was a slim, taut figure of eccentric grace in his streamlined black suit.  But when in the country, fabrics were heavier, colors were lighter, the stiff tophat gave way to the soft cap and…well, I hope I've built up enough of an excuse to post my favorite Sherlock Holmes clip…ever. 

And remember, a gentleman always uses the straight left:

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8 responses to “Vox Hunt: In Costume: The 1930’s and Sher-lock and Load

  1. yummy. yummy stuff.

  2. Polite fisticuffs? Seems a bit of a stretch nowadays. Anyway, Jeremy Brett was by far the best Sherlock Holmes. He was especially good in the Seven Percent Solution.

  3. I love the Thin Man series. (own it on DVD) *looks smug* And didn't they dress up back then? Just to go out and get a drink… evening gown, matching bag, fancy hair. I feel so nostalgic.

  4. I love the Thin Man series too. And I'm going to have to find a copy of that Sherlock Holmes.

  5. Doug – I LOVE this scene! it shows that even in a small tavern, in a smaller village, people can still appreciate some fancy footwork.
    Essy – People should always dress up. No matter where, no matter when. Really, sometimes I have to control myself.
    Alexandra – The episode is called "The Solitary Cyclist". I think it's from 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes'. Purchase it forthwith!

  6. So, this is like four months late, but I remembered reading this post a few weeks ago and rented part of the Holmes series from the library. THANK YOU!! What a frickin' awesome show.

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