A-Nesting Developments

I'd like to say that I'm not easily shocked; that I'm a woman of the world.

But there are times when the behavior of another living creature is simply unacceptable.

Ms. Dove is on the nest again.

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16 responses to “A-Nesting Developments

  1. Man…Mr. and Mrs. Dove were gettin' busy, huh?

  2. and guess what, she will go again and again throughout the summer! Mine is already on her second. There might already be a baby or 2 under there. They are little hos, those mournign doves, I tells ya. Every day, I come home, go to my front door, look back and say, "Hi bird." We should keep count of how many times this goes on. Because last year they started nesting a little later than this…maybe…and it went I think till Sept. I was going to clear it off and hose it down but didn't get to it before she started up again recently. That's the natural selection thing at work I suppose. They are pretty dumb & slow and the babies don't always make it (the one she just had didn't, I saw it on the neighbor's lawn) so I guess for survival of the species they gotta keep sluttin' it up! 😉

  3. wow she must have the Federline dig dove.

  4. because the world needs more doves.

  5. In past years, we've been witness to many 'dud' eggs; so yes, constant procreation (not recreation, kids) is a necessity for the species. Boyfriend thinks that the bebehs have already hatched – Ms. Dove looks fluffed up enough to be acting as a cover-all for them. But I'm not so sure: I'm afraid that if they haven't hatched by now, they never will.

  6. wow, that was fast…

  7. Barefoot and pregnant…again?

  8. hee-hee…I love dove's boney little heads & their B.E.F.& their big fat plumpy bodies — doves are silly!&:o)

  9. Wow! She's about to pop! Coo coo ca-chu!

  10. yeah…mine is looking kind of like this, sitting crooked like she's sitting on something bigger than eggs. But I haven't seen anything yet….I think maybe she sits on the nekkid babies for a while before she leaves. The father I think brings them food until she can leave them alone for a bit. That of course is only what I observe or seem to observe!

  11. aww. just like bunnehs. someone's gotta do it, right?

  12. Oh, good job, Ms and Mr Dove! You go on and make as many babies as you want!I lurve them and thier lovely pink feetses.

  13. Just spoke with Boyfriend. He has confirmed: the world has two more bebeh doves.

  14. So no dud eggs!I'm so proud of mr and mizz dove.

  15. Do we know who the baby daddy is?

  16. So weird. My dove kept having babies last year (no duds as far as I could tell), and the same day you mentioned dud eggs, (yesterday) I looked up & the nest was empty, as it was today. No baby, no mama. I wonder if Sunshine got it. Or maybe dud eggs. What happens when the eggs are duds?

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