Madame Aubrey Predicts

Many years ago, a friend of mine – who is quite mad – game me a deck of deckorated cards.  I had no idea what their symbolism meant.  He probably told me, but I was no doubt drunk, and don't remember.  He'd have been definately drunk, so what he told me was probably a pack (HA!  Aubrey, stop it already!) of lies anyway.

I've since found out that these are Mexican Loteria cards.  The rules of play are similar to any type of game of chance.

But I don't know those rules.  So I made up my own, and so have used these as a set of tarot cards.  I would give 'readings' at parties – depressing, made-up entirely reprehensible readings.

Oh, how do I get away with it.

Anyway, here is a sampling of the images.  Click on each set to read Madame Aubrey's predictions.






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16 responses to “Madame Aubrey Predicts

  1. More! More!These are great.Though I do notice a recurring theme.

  2. [esto es genial]

  3. Priceless, especially La Dama and La Calavera. But your predictions are so… happy… 😉

  4. haha! i noticed the recurring theme too. not sure if i'd want you to read my fortune, but you're definitely my favorite fortune-teller, Aubrey.excellent!

  5. I want huge Loteria cards to decorate my home. We have a freakish bathroom and they would be so cool as wall hangings. I didn't miss the pattern either Aubs. I had a friend who was disfigured through a surgical mistake and she had a hard time facing the world (former Playboy model now disfigured) so I helped her get a lob on a Phsychic hotline. We would answer calls and give similar such readings but she made $18.00 an hour,lol. " Lottery numbers? Go out front and write down the license plate of the first red car you see from Alaska. Now, go downtown and walk into the first blah blah blah". You get it. They were heady times full of snake oil and smoke and mirrors. This is a fun post Madame Aubrey. Now if you'll excuse me I think I will go pull El Mundo's Speedo off and kill him.

  6. Oh my god this is tooooo funny. I can't imagine how the actual game could possibly be more fun than this. The scorpion is priceless.

  7. I'm with you lauo, there is a theme. I just can't quite put my finger on it….

  8. Madame Aubrey appreciates all of your comments. She would also like to remind DB that some sights are best left unseen (that will be an extra charge, please) In fact, she has noticed that as of yet no one has crossed her palm with silver, or a few dead presidents, for that matter.
    Madame Aubrey doesn't live on air, you know.

  9. (Pushes aside beeaded curtain amidst clouds of incense smoke)
    All I have, mere shiny glittery bits to offer, Madame Aubrey of the
    Say-It-Isn't-So. Tell me true now will you, for I must know, will I die too?Or will I live? What are my chances? Medium?

  10. Madame Aubrey, I saw these images last night when you put them up, and eagerly awaited the accompanying post.Lo, I was amused even more than I could have hoped.Could that have been predicted?

  11. Madame Aubrey, how remiss of me.please accept these

  12. pyrit, Madame Aubrey enjoys a scented cheroot now and then. They're available here – and the fee is nominal. As are your chances of a long life.
    Mariser, Madame Aubrey likes her tin authentic and in large amounts. Neither of which you seem to be offering. Before the Grim Reaper slices you down she strongly advises you to pay up.

  13. I have similar Dutch cards, with which I do similarly reprehensible tarot readings. I have no clue what the cards are actually for–bought them in a Dutch toy store and the only instructions are in Dutch.

  14. A deck of these is on my 'gimme' list. Soooo good to collage with 🙂

  15. this is interesting that you have translated the meanings for the loteria cards…just what would you think that it means that i found a la dama card all by it's self outside. i looked down and it was at my feet outside of the door of my house. i don't know what to think. but with me every thing has a meaning.

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