A Prom-inent Event

I have three nieces.  It's safe to assume that each one has already realized that their goal in life is to be like me.  They're probably taking extensive notes about achieving higher Aubrey-ness right now.

Anyway, one of them, Kayla, I have known the longest – since she was two months old, actually, when my brother and his first wife adopted her.

(Please note that as my mother carries Kayla, she is featuring a coiffure a la Patsy Stone)

As for the years that have followed, some of them were very rough, specifically those bookmarking her adoped parents' very acrid – the smoke still hasn't cleared – divorce.  Myself, I will never have anything to do with the mother again.

But that's a topic I don't plan on discussing here.  There are some septic systems whose contents I plan on sifting first.  Frankly, it's rather the same thing.

Then my brother remarried, and they shifted their roots south and east, to Bay Minette, Alabama, where her new family lived.  Now, her southern accent ebbs and flows, but like the ocean, it's always there. 

I taught her to play 'Paper, Scissors, Rock'.

Once, when I explained to her that her father was my brother, she exclaimed, "Don't talk about my dad like that!"

And last Saturday she went to her High-School Prom.  

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9 responses to “A Prom-inent Event

  1. The years roll by quickly. I like the pink flamingos on the table. too cool.

  2. Aww..she's so cute:)

  3. You must be so proud! Good for her 🙂 Mine dropped out last month. I am not happy about this at all.

  4. So jealous of achieving that hairdo!
    Isn't it interesting how the people in our lives grow older while we just stay at one age?

  5. I'm sorry, MistressS. I believe in education, even as an abstract. I went to school never intent on learning about jobs and careers. I just went for the learning. Many people get impatient with that sort of thing.

  6. My oldest neice just moved into her first very own home, with her boyfriend, and another couple. Their bathroom decor is camouflage. I was able to find camo print bath towels to give as a housewarming gift. To match the camo shower curtain of course.This is an adorable photo. Methinks your mother loves children very much and very well. Kayla knows it and is happy.

  7. I love the photo, Aubrey. The pinky girlie socks and how could one not love the flamingos! How sweet to see her grow up like this…

  8. *goosebumps*Baby neice goes to the prom. Sigh. :)I have a 21 year old neice who I was never really allowed "close" to because my brother was afraid she would like my family better than his.Yes, mental issues.My newest neice, Joanna, is just about to turn ONE! And, thankfully, my sister doesn't have jealousy issues. I am allowed to enjoy her son and her daughter.

  9. I used to call it 'working the room'. At any family event, Mother would gather K. up in her arms and walk around in sort of a mothering meet-and-greet. It made her sublimely happy.

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