Child Prodigy or Oddity?

When I was small and formative, my mother kept a diary which kept track of what I said, when I walked, when I was sick and all concerns of the diaper variety.

I love reading them.  I love her handwriting, slanted and swift; I love the parental zeal that drove that script on…I love my mother.

Oh, and I love that they were about me. 

Anyway, this particular entry I found rather outstanding.  It's dated August 15.  I was 6:

"M. has been thinking about when she leaves home (I had thought she would wait until she was a bride,
however -).

'When I leave, I've been thinking I should look for a new mother who needs me, but she can't be Japanese or Spanish.'

Waiting with bated breath for this first indication of racial prejudice, I asked her why not a Spanish or Japanese mother??

'Because I don't understand the language'.

"Now why didn't I figure that out for myself?"

So. Prodigy or Oddity.  What does the audience think?

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16 responses to “Child Prodigy or Oddity?

  1. Prodigy. Definitely. That's my vote.

  2. very cute is my vote. šŸ™‚

  3. life is so simple for the kids:)

  4. I'd say precocious. šŸ™‚

  5. awww! yes, and adorable.

  6. I think you are and were definitely an Odd Prodigy! And those are truly the bestest kinds of kids to have, ever!!!

  7. I'd say an Oddly Precocious Prodigy. Or a Prodigiously Precious Oddity. Take your pick.

  8. I second that. I wanted to vote for both and Sug just wrapped that up perfectly šŸ™‚

  9. How about just "awesome"?

  10. "Oh, and I love that they were about me."
    Oh, I know what you mean. When I was a kid, I used to get a thrill at seeing my name in someone else's handwriting, like on a report card, because it meant someone else noticed me!

  11. I'd say both you and your mother were fabulously talented and creative. Or, Prodigy of Oddity. Either one.

  12. All of the above.Plus, your mom is awesome. I see where you got your gift for words and thoughts.

  13. my reply was can't you be both? But Brown Suga' just beat me to the punch. Mmmmm punch *drools like Homer*

  14. I think I was jus weird. Once – and I was quite wee – I was outside, watching the clothes that were drying outside. I observed my mother's undergarments and then went inside the house to inform her the the 'suit for her bra' was almost dry.

  15. so precious, and prodigious as Brown Suga' said. it's heartwarming!

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