Vox Hunt: My Made In The Shades

Show us your sunglasses.

I have many endearing qualities; a new one happens to be an inability – blatant, yet insidious - to hold on to my sunglasses.  It's possible that I lost 10 pairs last year.  Which is why it really behooves me to buy only cheap sunglasses, to sort of fall in with the self-fulfiling prophecy that I'll lose track of the wretched things within months.

My current pair is not special.  And since I sat on them a few weeks ago, their outlook seems even bleaker.

But there was a time, when my sunglasses required many things of its owner:  bravery, gall, nerve:

I can't explain the white spots.  Inconsistency in the film, dandruff flying upward (I went through a couple of years when I considered shampoo bourgeois), or sharpnel from a distant squadron under orders to obliterate my shades.  The 'curtains'  might be signaling the Russians (that'll date the picture for you).

This is the young Aubrey, reclining on a sandy beach at Lake Tahoe, getting in touch with her diva side.

I believe that I am nearly sneering at the camera.  Bless my disgruntled heart.

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16 responses to “Vox Hunt: My Made In The Shades

  1. scary glasses.UFO's?

  2. Those are fantastic. Do you still have them? *crosses fingers*

  3. Yes, lauowolf. For a while I featured Un-Fashionable-Objects. Ummm…it was (I hope) just a phase.
    AmyH, in the process of clearing out drawers I would come across them now and then. Until my disgust with them became so acute that I had to throw them away.

  4. Those sunglasses are….interesting! Unique! One of a kind? *crosses fingers & ducks to avoid Aubrey's smack on her head*

  5. Heeeeee! I LOVE them! And the sheer nerve!When I was young I would never have been brave enough to wear them, and therefore I am jealous! 😀

  6. Are you sure you're not a cyborg?

  7. Woooow! Those are quite the glasses!
    Maybe the white spots are tiny aliens answering the call of their sunglasses-shaped mothership.

  8. That';s a great pic. And, while I don't lose sunglasses quite as much as you do, I throw them in my purse and around my car enough to justify only buying cheapies as well. I paid like $30 or so on the ones I wore on my latest trip & that was a lot for me. Usually my range is $8-$18.

  9. LOL! I think it's rather endearing.

  10. I would totally wear those now – but I also enjoy standing out in a crowd, even if it's for negative reasons.
    I was going to post a pic of my current $4.50 swapmeet glasses – nothing unusual. But this reminded me of my shoebox full of old glasses (why do I have a shoebox of old sunglasses? I dunno. Pack rat, I guess) – so maybe i'll post a pic of that instead!

  11. MC2: Too late (THWACK!!!)
    Lauri: I don't think I was brave, I didn't have enough sense…I was probably just dillusional enough to think I looked good.
    I. Bunneh: No need to explain. It would be rebundant.
    JP: No. But for some reason I think I'm more of an iceburg type. Or maybe even a Burgher.
    Alex: Now I have this image of a giant pair of Ray-Bans hovering over me!
    Ms. Pants: I bought a vintage pair for $40. Gone in two weeks.
    LeendaDLL: A pair of posh glasses and a pink/black corset – who's to say it's wrong?
    Suga'/E2c: Really? Thanks – but I thought I looked a little brat-ish, myself.

  12. Love the sneer–your teenaged contempt is truly epic.

  13. Look! The white spots are the same as the white spots on CO, in the sky, above the grass, around the flying hams!!!

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