Off Into The Wild Blue Wander

For the bulk of last week Boyfriend has been calling me with updates about Mr. and Mrs. Dove, and their very handsome twins.

By Monday, they had just about reached their adult size, but were still nest-bound…just like any college kid that the parents can't kick out.  Probably weren't helping with the chores, either. 

Feathers were just about grown in, with some tell-tale patches of down still visible.

Then, as the week progressed, the children were seen investigating Boyfriend's toolshed, which if you were young and had no names to put to anything, could be a fascinating arena.  Birdies were spied on a cement mixer, a drain pipe, the pick-up truck…still within the nest's vicinity, but too far to be reached via a well-timed jump.  Wings and air currents would have to have been maniupulated.

Boyfriend was able to take a photo of the lonesome home:

Then, on Saturday, we spied a couple of doves on the telephone wire accross the street:

Now, we're just not sure.  For all the world they look like the parents – possibly reciting the lyrics to 'Sunrise, Sunset' to each other.   Still, there seems to be a rumpled quality which would indicate kids out on their own for the first time. 

Personally, I'd like to think that it's the twins:   ready to explore that vast, blue bowl that's been hovering over their heads for as long as they could remember.

Best of luck, kids.

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8 responses to “Off Into The Wild Blue Wander

  1. Did Mom & Dad leave as soon as the kids were gone so they were sure to be rid of them? I have a friend whose parents did that when he went away to college.
    "Oh, we didn't tell you we moved? Then how did you find us?"

  2. awwwwwwww the empty nest. fly fly away

  3. If they approved of the nesting experience they might be back.

  4. Dad split. That I know. Mom hung around, a sentimental parent, probably making sure her babies had packed something warm to wear, and maybe giving them some extra pocket change when their father wasn't looking.

  5. Sigh! Good luck bebe doves! It's amazing how hard it is to tell babies from parents, after even a few short weeks.They leave the nest so quickly. *wipes a tear*

  6. Aw, bye-bye, chickies! It's amazing how fast they grow up.

  7. awwww…bye-bye birdies!Have a good life! &:o)

  8. Awwww, what a sweet post. The little birdies grew up fast!

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