Lovely Frieda

She is a local cat, living in Boyfriend's neighborhood.  She possesses an extraordinary floofiness, but perhaps not the most extraordinary I have seen in my life.  Her colors are gray, cream, orange and black.  When she comes to visit, her tail is held high, and she walks on small, dainty paws.

She must be 10-12 years old, and she conducts herself with a certain amount of decorum as befits her age.  She is a compact kitty; you can barely feel her little body beneath the knuckle-deep fluff.  And we're not sure, but we think she doubles as a shag throw carpet:

She makes her rounds in the mornings, walking up and down the sidewalk, looking for a 'mark' to give her head scritches, nose beeps, belleh rubs and back strokes.  Whenever she sees one of us she'll break into a dignified trot, meowing high and loud.  Petting her can be a challenge, however – if she gets bored, and wants to liven things up, or if she's being scratched under the chin and it's a head pet she's requiring, she won't hesitate in giving you an imprint of her front teeth as a souviner.  I was once petting her and got my rings twisted in her fur, and – well - let's just say, fangs for the memories.

She has such an attitude, that whenever she isn't out, I picture her in front of a roaring fire, reading Kafka or Joyce, and enjoying a mint cordial.  She just has that Certain Look.

She is addicted to rolling over.  No matter what happens to be close by: leaves, dirt, twigs…she will be Compelled To Roll.  On finding a nice patch of sun, she'll walk a tight circle and suddenly flop over, with a tiny, audible, grunt.

All in all, she is eminently pettable.  So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you:  Frieda of North Hollywood:

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10 responses to “Lovely Frieda

  1. Oh she's lovely…she must be very cosy in winter, but summer must be terrible to her little self

  2. Oh! Your description of Frieda could be talking about my little Gree! Excellent!

  3. I can't believe she hasn't been discovered yet. Neither can she, no doubt.

  4. What a beauty! Awwwwww.

  5. What a lovely, extraordinary girl she is. I can picture her, with the "thud" and the floofy tum upmost during the rolling, with front feet and back feet in opposite directions.Torties can have great dignity along with their other attitudes. She probably didn't want to deal with the stress and pressure and annoying people one has to put up with to be a big Hollywood star. Or purr-haps she was famous in her youth and gave it all up for a quiet life in the Valley.

  6. Lovely rieda… meter maid? I love neighborhood kitties. We have a siamese that is in love with our Lolo but alas, she is indoor for life because she is so small. They flirt through the windows however.

  7. Here you go:
    "Lovely Frieda on paradeNothing can come between usRub against me I'll just brush the fluff away
    Walking down the street one morningWhen I catch a glimpse of FriedaWalking down the sidewalk on her little gray pawsEven though she is much olderFor a pet she's still more bolderFor attention more agressive than a military man"

  8. Ahhhh. A lovely earworm! Thank you!

  9. You brought her to life for us. She sounds precious.

  10. Awwww, what a beautiful and sweet kitty she is. And so incomparably floofy!

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