Vox Hunt: Shhh……ut Up

Book: Show us a book that made you laugh out loud.
Submitted by Red Pen.

I didn't answer this question outright, because I couldn't really recall reading anything that made me laugh out loud.  I'm more of a smirking type of person, anyway.  Sometimes I smile knowlingly, too.

Oh,  when I review press releases and find an error, I do sort of cackle out loud – out of sheer perversity, I suspect – but I don't think that's what my peep Red Pen meant.  It was laughter from joy she meant, an appreciation of The Funny and not the mocking sort of victory-dance-in-the-goal-zone joy.

But I can now recall a book that made me laugh out loud, because I was reading it last night – and it made me shout with laughter:

This one in particular spoke (meowed) to me:

And if you disagree with my choice, don't bother me.  Not interested.

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11 responses to “Vox Hunt: Shhh……ut Up

  1. ROFL. bad kitties–so awesome!

  2. I got a chuckle just from the post.

  3. I love the hobbies – "Collecting placemats," "Canning," etc. The guy that came up with the idea is to be praised.Huzzah!

  4. …"Texas Hold 'Em poker", "Getting Funky", "Thinking about Abraham Lincoln's hat"…

  5. It's just like they're people!

  6. Lol! "Thinking about Abraham Lincoln's hat"?*smiles knowingly*

  7. lol!! heeeheehee!I must get this book now.

  8. That pic on the cover is pretty scary!

  9. i have this book in my bathroom. I love it. I had the dog version of this but somehow my sister wound up with it.

  10. Superb choice! It's definitely a LOL book. "…mocking sort of victory-dance-in-the-goal-zone joy."You do this, too? 😉

  11. I still wish I could "smile knowingly". I think I am more of a "smirk guiltily" kinda girl. 😉

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