Don’t Give Me Any Atti-Tudor

I've decided to refrain from writing a truly lengthy post about Showtime's upcoming series 'The Tudors'.  I figured that if I did, I would become too emotionally involved, and my head would explode our of sheer frustration.  And then I'd have to wear a hat for the rest of the year.  Not to say that I don't think I could carry it off, but it might become somewhat of a hindrance during the sweaty Summer.

I know that lots of people are looking forward to this series.  I wish them well.  Enjoy.  Besides, I always thought, in sort of an off-handed way, how would MTV interpret the reign of Henry VIII?

But I just received my TV 'Guide' for next week, and I must discuss the back cover.  It is an advertisment for 'The Tudors' – premiering on April 1, and if you don't think that doesn't give me a fit of giggles – step back, take a deep breath, remove the steel spike impeding your brain pan and think again.

Anyway, it announces Jonathan Rhys Meyers as 'Henry 8'.


Stop trying to be edgy.  Stop trying to be radical.  Stop trying to be avant-garde.  Stop trying.  Stop.  It.

Look…I have a sneaking suspicion that the Thames is about to be diverted into Dawson's Creek.  I hope I'll be proved wrong. 

But the least Showtime can do is get his f**king name right.

portrait of King Henry VIII by an unknown artist

 (Henry VIII, 1520 – 29 years old)


I need to calm down.  I'm going to look at some Mourning Doves. 

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18 responses to “Don’t Give Me Any Atti-Tudor

  1. yes, please do. go look at the Mourning Doves.happy thoughts, happy thoughts…then, come back and kill whoever came up with that disrespectul nonsense. Henry 8 ???urge to kill…rises.

  2. That's his street name, man.Guy's got to update himself, you know.(Just go listen to the doves — it's very soothing.)

  3. Henry 8? Oh man. "Atti-tudor" cracked me up, though.I'm not really opposed to attractive actors playing the parts, though. I have to think that what we consider attractive now is way different from what was considered attractive then, and it's just a modern version of that. That doesn't make a lot of sense but you know what I mean.I'm basically taking the whole thing as mindless entertainment, loosely based on people who actually existed. Henry 8, though? That's weird.And what if this series keeps going? Who's going to play fat, old Henry? He's a lot like Elvis that way!

  4. You are wonderfully witty even when in the heat of indignation! I have to say, though, that I know about a half-dozen people who don't know how to read roman numerals despite their PhDs and obnoxious Ivy League backgrounds…in no way does that make dumbing-down of history any less annoying, but if using "8" instead of "VIII" is meant to make history the tiniest bit more approachable, maybe it's ok. (Though why didn't they just write "the Eighth" or "the 8th"…)

  5. well history is dumbed down all the time. some of it is because of revisionism and some is just because nonsense.

  6. LOL, Henry 8! Like Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Even Rocky got to have Roman numerals, remember? All the way to Rocky V. I'm very sorry, Aubrey.

  7. Some dipshit will be wondering how on earth he missed the other 7 parts of the Henry series.Pathetic.

  8. [this is LAME]
    Alas, alas. It's this age of internet and L337ing, Aubrey. I feel for you.

  9. LOL!
    I'm not laughing at your pain, but at the thug's street name – Henry 8. Jeez!
    Also, after reading your post, I suddenly have the urge to sing:
    "I'm 'Enry the eighth I am
    Enry the eighth I am I am
    I got married to the widow next door
    She's been married 7 times before
    And ev'ry one was a 'Enry
    Couldn't be a Willie or a Sam, oh no!
    I'm 'er eighth old man, I'm 'Enry
    'Enry the eighth I am!"

  10. …second verse, same as the firs'…I'm 'enery the eightth I am….thanks for THAT, rp! ;))))—————————————————-Aubrey's in heat! Ok, the heat of indignation….Yep, that really really does give rise to some murderous feelings within me, too. Shall we form a mob, light the torches and go flush out the brainless nimnode who came up with Henry No. 8?As for the Thames becoming Dawson's Creek….I have the strong sad suspicion that you are right on with that one. 😦

  11. I always thought, in sort of an off-handed way, how would MTV interpret the reign of Henry VIII?
    Hahahahaaaa! ::wipes tears::
    I wonder if they're going to do tours of his crib? And show his pimped out carriages?

  12. lol! I just can't help but laugh. I'll never think of "Henry 8" in quite the same way again.

  13. back in my college years many moons ago, the theatre department was putting on "Henry IV, Part II". I shant' ever forget the local news darling reading from her papers (remember, this is when they still had papers) and saying:"this weekend the WKU Theatre department will perform Henry aii vee, part aii aii, spelling out each letter; I V I I

  14. I don't have showtime, so I'd have to wait for reviews on this one anyway, but even if I didn't I think 'Henry 8' would turn me off.

  15. I think they had to use '8' because after all Henry was, you know, a gangsta…
    About making history more approachable, it made me think about when 'Rome' was first televised. Google searches for 'Roman history', 'antiquity', 'Ceasar', etc. sky-rocketed. Perhaps that'll be the case this time; maybe history classes next semester will be packed.
    A girl can only hope…

  16. That's like when I saw the 'new' Sherlock Holmes, Rupert Everett, in 'The Case of the Silk Stocking'. He was the complete opposite of Jeremy Brett – the only Holmes – and the wrongness was at first very off-putting. But like you, I just saw it as a rattling good story, and was then able to enjoy the hell out of it. I bought the DVD and have probably seen it 6-7 times.
    The heavy Henry? Hard to say. Maybe just take a cue from Keith Michell. Prove your acting chops and play Henry, from 18 to 56 years old.

  17. I love it when they re-write history for ratings. How smashingly cheap and tawdry. At least if they are going to stupify us with the historic details they are at least willing to toss some man candy out there in tights and no shirts week to week. They are going to try and make him human and make us feel empathy for him, that bastard that beheaded his lovely spouses. There is going to be a queer Viscount or something running amouk in the basements of the castle. Oh well. I guess we'll have to see.

  18. I just noticed that there are two new vox themes for "The Tudors", one blue and one purple. I know you'll want to switch immediately. Hehe.

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