A Hatching Job

Boyfriend has called with Breaking News:

  • Broken egg chips have been discovered beneath the dove nest
  • Ms. Dove is especially fluffed out, as if to cover the newborns from the cold air
  • Ms. Dove is restless, moving about constantly, which I think you would do too, if you had living babies rustling around underneath you
  • Mr. Dove is especially attentive, perching nearby, and not on the telephone wire, having a smoke with the rest of the guys

Boyfriend is convinced that there has been a successful hatching.  I will be over there this weekend and hope to have more news and photographs.

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18 responses to “A Hatching Job

  1. loverly let us know how it goes

  2. Oh my, I'm so excited for the new parents. Birdie babies.

  3. Cool! Please do keep us posted Aubrey! :o)

  4. I hope he is right. Look forward to the pictures. I have never heard a baby dove either. Could you work on that. lol

  5. YAY! Bebeh boids! Chirp, chirp!

  6. FAN-tas-tic! I'd send some worms to the baby boids…but our ground isn't quite thawed yet.

  7. Awwwww. I wanna see pics later! šŸ™‚

  8. ahh spring, what a beautiful time of year!

  9. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!There was a lovely dove peering in my family room window just an hour ago and I thought of your Mama. Dove that is.Hmmm, how funny if you started getting worms in the mail from all over the country. Verrrry funny.

  10. Worms via snail mail?

  11. LOL…well, of course!What an earthy concept!

  12. How wonderful. Peace can't be far away. We have Cardinals in our side yard and they nest every year. I think they party too much because we have yet to see babies. Robin eggs litter our entire yard.

  13. So this makes you guys god-pigeons to the little ones

  14. the bird population has exploded here in the last week. Songs abound, and spring species are arriving every day. Whew. Finally!

  15. Pictures, please , asap!! Must.see.bebe.dovelettes.

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