Do The Clam

I'm as happy as a clam!

I gotta raise a clamor!

I won't clam up!

I deserve some ac-clam!

Hmmm…actually, I don't think it turned out too badly.


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10 responses to “Do The Clam

  1. I'm all clammy with delight!
    …Okay, or not 😉 (Can one be clammy with delight? That sounds kinda gross.)

  2. Aw, clam up!
    Actually, I should have thought of that one.

  3. damn, clam, you can slam some flimflam.

  4. I'm so glad you weren't shellfish with this one.Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lol @ jaypo and lauowolf! And, nice bivalve, Aubs.

  6. Lovely! Would make a wonderful textile print (now that would be my dream job. Or one of them)

  7. ooooh, so pretty! i can almost feel the tiny ridges on this. awesome!

  8. Those who don't give a damnwould slam on the clambut I think it's a sham'cuz they couldn't cramsome lead into BAMour Aubz ain't no hamand I'd buy her a dram.

  9. Which she'd accept with elan,But she just jumped a tramAnd is now on the lam…

  10. I hate to intrude on this poetry slam
    as no poet I claim I am
    Lovely drawing, my dear. I've always admired those who can do pencil and pen & ink – to give so much texture with minimal tools at your disposal is such an art unto itself.

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