“What Is This Thing Called Amway?”

When I was job-hunting, in late 2004-early 2005, it was extremely important that I cultivated happiness.  I was depressed and a tiny bit frightened:  I needed just a little froth of gladness. 

Every morning I would spend about 3 hours on the computer, searching opportunities on Monster.com (useless) and CareerBuilder.com (uselessuseless), researching various companies – usually the ones that had resident pets got my resume automatically whether they were looking for people or not – and emailing resumes.

But this was sad, wearisome work.  To counteract this I would play music while I researched and searched and sent.  And more often than not I would be listening to this (click on the little arrow, to the left), played loud.  I could only hope that one day I will be so passionate about my work.

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9 responses to ““What Is This Thing Called Amway?”

  1. It is called alot of things. The pyramid. Trickle down economics. When I worked at a Mariott Hotel. The always hated Amway conventions. It was very strange, indeed.

  2. Here ya' go:

    is the significance of the symbols on the
    back of the one-dollar bill? I'm particularly
    interested in the eye and the pyramid.
    The eye and the pyramid shown on
    the reverse side of the one-dollar bill are
    in the Great Seal of
    the United States. The Great Seal was
    first used on the reverse of the one-dollar
    Federal Reserve note in 1935. The Department
    of State is the official keeper of the Seal.
    They believe that the most accurate
    explanation of a pyramid on the Great Seal is
    that it symbolizes strength and durability.
    The unfinished pyramid means that the United
    States will always grow, improve and build.
    In addition, the "All-Seeing Eye" located
    above the pyramid suggests the importance of
    divine guidance in favor of the American
    cause. The inscription ANNUIT COEPTIS
    translates as "He (God) has favored our
    undertakings," and refers to the many
    instances of Divine Providence during our
    Government's formation. In addition, the
    inscription NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM translates as
    "A new order of the ages," and signifies a
    new American era.I hope that helps! 🙂

  3. Amway was always a mystery to me. Schemes and pyramids – a little ominous, if you ask me.
    I just loved their theme song – a big full-voiced male singing: "I say Mister: in that soap – there is new life, there is hope…" It always picked me up, as I pushed myself through a slough of jobs I didn't want or didn't want me.

  4. At first I misread your title to be "What is thing called Anyway" …Amway–they've changed they're name though I can't remember what to. A co-worker used to sell that stuff and it was very annoying to repeatedly find nice ways of saying no-thank-you, no-thank-you.As for the pyramid, the eye is the Eye of Horus, the Egyptian god of reason. You can read more here, but connections to this symbolism have been made to the Illuminati, the Grail, Secret Societies and all kinds of other arcane stuff that Dan Brown made millions on.

  5. Amway is a Michigan company (yay). It's owned by a very conservative, I believe Dutch Reformed (as most people are on the west side of the state), family. One of the family members ran for governor of Michigan last year and while some people liked his Republican leanings, the rest of the state said "No way to Amway." That and his social conservatism. Total anti-women's rights.
    It's based in Grand Rapids and there's a beautiful Amway Grand Hotel over there. They changed the name to the family name for marketing purposes.
    Anyway, as beautiful as that part of the state is, it has always creeped me out. My religious right cousins live there and that's pretty much the norm. "Diversity? We don't need no stinking diversity!" (Maybe I'm being unfair, but I'm not too far off).

  6. And we used to call it "Scamway". Oh, we kids were so clever.
    I do love the song. It's a hoot!

  7. No, I don't think you are far off at all, Amy. Way too religiously conservative over there.

  8. You scalawags! There's a video lampooning the attempt at govenership that you mentioned. See if you can play it; my wicked computer refuses.
    Lauri – yes, weird and cultish. Think they're related to the Templars?

  9. Thanks for finding the video. Yeah, the DeVos clan has made a lot of money off people's hope in the soap.
    I usually describe Grand Rapids as "like Mesa, but without the diversity". Mesa is city here in the Phoenix area, founded, owned and ruled over by the Mormon church. Now there's a bastion of tolerance if there ever was one. Blech.

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