Cri de Candy

All day long I heard it.  Calling to me, out of the dark, from beyond the frost.  From behind a closed door, I heard a faint, velvety, sweet and delicious voice…calling my name.  Where was it coming from?  What was it?  What could it want?  Why did it torment me so?

Why did its dessert, dulcet tones appeal to me today, out of all days?  Was it the 3-day old tofu salad I had for lunch, which left me unsatisfied and disgusted?  Was it the handful of BBQ soy crisps which left me bitter and resentful?  When I came home – hungry, tired, cold – knowing I had nothing to look forward to other than exercise and a 'healthy' dinner:  is that when the cries became irresistable?

It was then that I knew:  from the winter of my freezer, came the call of the one thing that could ease my winter of discontent:  a two-month old chunk of frozen dark chocolate.  It was time for its digestive destiny to be fulfilled.

And now, I hear its cries no more.  It's as Oscar Wilde said:  "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it."

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15 responses to “Cri de Candy

  1. Heehee, like your tags, especially "i hate exercising". Don't we all? 😉
    Mmm…your frozen dark chocolate sounds delish!

  2. do you normally keep you chocolate in the freezer or is that where the naughty chocolate tries to hide from you?

  3. LOL, Aubrey!! Only you could turn tummy growls into poetic song!

  4. Too Funny! &:o)Isn't chocolate EVIL that way???When I was a mommy with 3 little kids, I used to buy chocolates for the chocolate-buying holidays ahead of time & then hide it (so the kids wouldn't find it before it was given to them.) Every single time though — without fail, I'd hear the taunting chocolate caaaaaaaaalling me from it's hiding place……."Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudi………..Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudi…….."I'd like to know how many bags of candy I had to go out and replace before the holiday because I had EATEN the FIRST stuff that I had hidden from the kids…&:o\

  5. the power of chocolate! my mom used to hide her personal chocolate stash so we kids couldn't find it. but one of my sisters can sniff out chocolate no matter where it's hiding, in any house, under any weather conditions… so my mom's emergency stash was always mysteriously depleted just when she needed it most. haha!

  6. Mmmm, yum yum yum! The siren song of the cocoa nut. I used to grab a handful of M&Ms and hide in the bathroom with them. The three kids' antennae would immediately sound the "red alert" and they'd be yelling…"What are you eating in there????"

  7. Ah…When I used to eat chocolate covered espresso beans, they'd call for me so piteously, I could never bear to leave them alone. Then they disappeared and I haven't found a new supplier.

  8. little miao, most starbucks stores carry dark chocolate-covered espresso beans. i just saw some this weekend. they did cry out to me piteously–but i rejected them. i was strong.

  9. I remember making a chocolate cake studded with chocolate-covered espresso beans. I only needed a handful for the job…what was I to do with the leftovers, besides cram them into my mouth?
    'Rejected', IG? But that's so brutal, so cruel! No one wants rejection, whether he be man or bean.

  10. There is nothing sadder than a rejected bean. Sigh. Island Girl, you are one tough cookie!!!

  11. I'm driving past Starbucks again on the way home. In fact I'm stopping just across the street for a new scanner. So, who knows…maybe I'll make it up to that poor rejected bean today. It did look mighty tasty…

  12. COOKIE???
    (starts hearing voices again)

  13. (high squeaky voice) *Hi, I am a thin mint. Eat me.*

  14. I am a Lindt Petit Dessert "Creme Brulee." Find me. You will not be sorry!

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