A Drawing Bears Fruit

In an earlier post I mentioned my bold shopping experience, when I tapped a basket of strawberries to be the subject of a drawing I had a fancy to undertake.  

Anyway, above you can see the final thing.  The scan is disgusting, which is why it looks so awful.  Frankly I'd like to take a knife to it, but it would only scar my computer screen, and then were would I be?  Really, the original is much better.

Actually, a question I would like to put to you is, am I the ONLY PERSON on this sorry planet who CANNOT draw a straight LINE, even WITH A RULER?  Using a ruler only made the line uneven and caused it to smudge at the most inconvenient times…so I had to draw the border freehand.  Christ.

And there are water smears as well.  The explanation is long and irrelevant, so I'll get right to it:  walking to work, my shoe got caught between two slabs of sidewalk, where they had started to buckle.  A 'phantom' buckle, actually, as the tree whose root undoubtedly caused it was long gone.  Anyway, I hit the ground hard, coming up with a thumb that was bleeding gratuitously.  Tarantino would have been proud.

So it was bandaged up.  That evening, in the course of washing the stratum of makeup from my face, the bandage became water-logged.  I didn't notice this until I started to draw and the smears appeared.  Oh, how I dispaired.

Still, you know…on second thought…maybe this drawing isn't so ugly.  Perhaps we should just say it has a face that only a mother can love.

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6 responses to “A Drawing Bears Fruit

  1. I can't draw a straight line regardless of my use of a ruler. Usually there's one line, a little bump, and then the rest of the line is somewhat lower than the first part. Crooked.Your post was delightful to read – it made me smile despite the topic. When I complimented you on the drawing, it was my honest opinion, uninfluenced by the opinions expressed in this post.

  2. Aubrey, your posts always make me smile. (Not the injury to your thumb this time, just you…you know.) Oh, and i can't draw a straight line either. But I long ago decided that straight, obviously ruled lines are boring and that slightly crooked free-drawn lines have more vitality and panache anyway. They really do.

  3. Hi Aubrey!Your strawberries are *lovely*! &:o)They all have such nice strawberry-y shapes. Your shadows & stems are nice to look at too. I like the simplicity of it.The border lines are REALLY straight. I wouldn't have guessed that you did it free-hand. Wow! To get a true line, I need to use a ruler. (or box edge, or whatever's handy at the moment.)Nice!

  4. How is it that you make me smile talking about falling? I like the drawing quite a lot.

  5. s'lovely! – I not only cannot draw a straight line with a ruler, but I can't even draw a stick figure without erasing at least three times – and considering how bad my handwriting has become over the years, it's a wonder that anything that can put a mark to paper is even allowed into my hands

  6. LM, it was so ironic – just as I was writing this post I received your nice strawberry comment. Thanks for your opinion – it helped counteract my own!

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