OK.  So I'll preface this by saying that I am not a good hiker.  I tend to use the arms/legs/butt method which serious hikers (i.e. boyfriend) frown on.  Too bad. 

This past Saturday we were at Torrance Beach, near Redondo.  Actually, it's called Rat Beach (Right After Torrance), a name which always pleased me.  But right beyond, there are some very fine tide pools.  And as we were there during a low tide a visit seemed to be in order.  I just forgot about the Hideous Hike.

After much climbing and complaining (me) we found the pools.  And they were numerous and very active: holding tanks for tiny fish alternately dark and flashing silver, pretty green crabs, hermit crabs – always on the market, looking for new housing units, large pearlescent turban shells…and the above.  A dead octopus, probably caught on the rocks and unable to follow the tide as it receded back into the ocean.  Really, it was so lovely and unique – its tentacles like tendrils, thrown in a type of morbid abandon – that I had to take a photo.

I mean – how are you going to look when you recline in your final tide pool?  As photo-worthy as this octopus?  Tell the truth, now!

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11 responses to “Oc-kaput-opus

  1. It is a very cool pic, Imagine that, an octopus! I certainly never saw anything like that at the Jersey shore! poor octopuddy.

  2. oh, poor octopus. so pretty.

  3. awwwww…it's a sad picture — and "pretty" but in a "sad" way.poor octopussy.Have a good day, Aubrey. &:o)

  4. Wow, your description of the tidepools is beautiful. Sorry about the awful hiking. 😛 I sure spend a lot of time on these blogs laughing at things that other people find awful. Ah well, heehee. Poor octopus. But, he is very beautiful. I already know that my corpse will not be so striking.My daughter and I were in petstore one day and there was a hermit crab dead in his tank. He looked like he had flung himself out of his shell in his death throes. It was sad that he was dead, but he was so dramatic looking that we took a phone pic.

  5. .."how are you going to look when you recline in your final tide pool?" I'll look like a polygon.

  6. To reflect the spell I always cast on people while alive, I'll be a hexagon.

  7. Octogone. 🙂 I like the way you write. No, I imagine my corpse will not be nearly as pretty as a dead octopus. (The poor thing.)
    So, what muscles are you supposed to use while hiking??

  8. Well, judging by where I hurt the next day, your thighs and arm sockets. I'm just not a girl for hiking.
    It's too bad, really – because this beach was such a pretty area.

  9. So beautiful…poor octopus. The colors in that photo are beautiful.

  10. Lovely and Amazing. I have been there many times. My favorite memory of that region and being seaside was when in the late hours of a dark, dark evening I jumped up on what I thought was a big boulder and my feet went two feet deep into a rotten sea lion. I covered myself with barf, and snotted myself from laughing, "eeeewing", and trying to get the shit off me,lol. It was memorable. There were so many people eeeeewing that it was like something out of a movie.

  11. Ah, then you know of what I speak.
    I have terrible trouble with the rocks making up the shore there but…well, have you ever seen sea roaches, or rock slaters? When I spy one of those, I'm bounding over that terrain like a gazelle.
    I came up with just about the same memorable reaction as you did, just Googling for an image of one of those devils. The things I do for you!

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