Vox Hunt: Framed Favorites

Show us your favorite framed photos.

First, I'd like to say that I have over 250 framed photos in my apartment.  The hallway is for lovely ladies – hence my nickname for that particular area, 'The Gallery of Women'; the living room sort of began as a haven for World War One ephemera – so by the television set are a couple of photos of german soldiers who have perished on the battlefield, with the hand-written caption 'Fritz Fini'; the kitchen has food-related odds and ends – an ad for saurkraut juice – and my bedroom has original fashion prints, some Barbier reproductions, corset ads, etc.

It was fairly late that I decided to put up some family photographs.  When I did, I had to hunt through my apartment to find an inch of wall space which could house these photos.  I finally found that inch, though mother is still a little miffed that my photos of her as a comely camp counselor are near the entrance to the bathroom.

However.  Regarding this Hunt:  I'm not sure I did it right – I found a photo (two actually, which I framed together) I like excessively and dismantled it for scanning purposes.  I'm just not agile enough with a camera – digitality scares me.  The background is a swatch of glittering – though not so much any more – fabric that I found.

I chose this pairing because I like to show off my extremely handsome parents.  Too bad that weird-looking kid had to get in the way.


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8 responses to “Vox Hunt: Framed Favorites

  1. Awww, that's sweet! I'd LOVE to see your apartment. Sounds awesome!

  2. Next time you come to L.A. – we'll eat deli at Canter's, you'll check out the Miracle Mile 'hood, you'll see the apartment – this is meant to be!

  3. What great pictures.And a pair of them is even cooler.

  4. Mmmm, love the WWI soldiers. You know, you're the only other person I've met who has a love for other peoples' dead ancestors.

  5. Redz, I've been collecting World War I postcards for over 15 years. My favorites are the portrait cards which the men would have taken: either for posterity, for their families, or because they knew these images would find a safe haven in Aubrey's lovely home.

  6. Are you familiar with Burbank at all? My son & I lived there from '86-'89 and there was this kosher deli/Chinese restaurant (NO KIDDING!!) I can't think of the name, but it was half and half too. Hilarious! Are you in the Valley or L.A.?

  7. Not surprised. Burbank is weird like that. Although there is a Chinese place a couple of miles from where I am called 'Genghis Cohen'.
    I'm in L.A. I would melt, like the Wicked Witch, in the valley.

  8. Mmmm … an apartment full of black and white photographs sounds lovely.And your parents look way cool.

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