Puppy Bowl III

There are three things that I would like to see at next year's Puppy Bowl:

1.  A 'Tocks Cam – Far too many opportunities were missed

2.  A Soft Kronsche Instant Replay – Swiftly applied, only the trained, CO-experienced eye would be able to catch it

3.  This year, there were two Samoyeds and one Pomeranian on the field at the same time.  Now, this might have merely been the coach's oversight.  However, to prevent further faux-paws of this nature, and to keep the other players from being overwhelmed, a new 'Unnecessary Floofiness on the Field' rule should be established.  It won't be popular with the fans, but ultimately isn't a fair game what we all want?

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8 responses to “Puppy Bowl III

  1. I think I'm missing something.Puppybowl?

  2. OK. Let's talk.
    As a counter-measure to The Super Bowl, Animal Planet came up with this alternative: a puppy pen, decorated like a football field, with some doggie chew toys scattered about. Then they added puppies – two or three starting lineups, I never was sure. And that essentially is it. Because if you put puppehs together in an enclosed space, they will play. And run. And romp. And jump. And kronsche. They'll stand and lay in their water bowls (hence the 'Bowl Cam'). There will be outstanding 'plays' (hence 'Instant Replay'). There will be time outs (for, umm, accidents), there will be 'puppeh replacements'. All introduced by a referee, in stripes and all.
    And you can have Prince, Bono, Janet…Puppy Bowl has a KITTEH HALFTIME. Which the PB producer has discribed as a 'kitty disco party'. And that pretty much sums it up.
    Puppy Bowl II gathered 7,000,000 viewers.
    I recommend that you check it out next year!

  3. It is a date.I will put this on the calendar now.

  4. wow, this is the first time I've heard of it too. Kitteh Halftime!! Puppies romping in a puppy pen!!! I can't believe I missed it.Well, I don't actually have television of any kind here, but… next year. (and there's always youtube)A 'Tock Cam (for puppies) sounds like an excellent idea!

  5. You can also buy the DVD. Puppy Bowls I and II are available, too.

  6. ooooo I believe you are correct. CO cutologists should be consulted and utilized to cover the Puppy Bowl. Perhaps as a color announcer. The soft Cronche cam would be a def plus.

  7. As a public service for C.O.'ers and non-C.O.'ers, here is the Animal Planet link to the Puppy Bowl AND Kitty halftime Grab a snack, and a beverage, sit back and enjoy!

  8. ROFL…I saw a few minutes of Puppy Bowl! It was SO cute! I had no idea it pulled in 7 mil viewers!! How cool is that???

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