Pedestrian Post

Have you ever been happy?  (not "mellow", and I am not Olivia Newton-John, thanks for asking).

(start again)  Have you ever been happy?  Have you ever wondered how you got there?  Did you recognize the terrible risk you were taking?

Did you look both ways?

I thought that I might be happy as recently as last Saturday.  And I saw myself:  about to cross a busy street, which was suddenly silent.  All serene.  But I paused before crossing to the commitment of light-heartedness.  Because once a person starts that hopeful excursion, there's no turning back – you either make it to the other side, or you're blindsided by a forgotten worry that comes careening around the corner.  And there'll be no ambulances or Sig Alerts - it'll be up to you to drag yourself out of traffic.  And wait for the next time you have joyfulness under consideration.  Which of course you must.

"The worst sin – perhaps the only sin – passion can commit, is to be joyless."
– Dorothy Sayers, Gaudy Night 

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10 responses to “Pedestrian Post

  1. aubrey! what a lovely post. yes, I have, and yes, I did. of late the intervals between these moments have been longer than I would like (oh, the weight of the world) so I appreciate the reminder. i'm not dead yet either; I should try to live as if that were actually true! 🙂

  2. Nice, Aubs! Reminds me of Wordsworth:What is this life, if full of care,We have no time to stand and stare?

  3. (leaves yellow smiley face hot water bottle on doorstep) Knock-knock! (runs away)

  4. This was nice, Aubrey! &:o)Have a good day today!

  5. A nice, and timely, reminder.

  6. What is this life, if full of care,We have no time to stand and stare?
    I sometimes wonder about my boyfriend's brother – he rock climbs. Not that that's odd or a Bad Thing: it's just that as soon as he reaches whatever summit he was looking for, he immediately turns around! I know more about his climbing up than about what he actually saw.

  7. Great post, Aubrey. Yes, I have been happy, and as IG says, it's always interspersed with varying moments of … "lesser" happiness. So that's life, that we do struggle from moment to moment and hope to shorten the distance between. A provocative question, as always (from you).

  8. Excellent. I can't express it any better than you did. Happiness is a rather flitty term. I feel as if I have reached a level of "acceptance". Of feeling confident that "what will be will be." I know that at any moment that confidence can be ripped away. My family had bad times back in August when my cousin died. We suffered. We asked why. We were in torment. But, we got back to life relatively quickly, because that is how my cousin lived life. He was a liver. <—–oh crap, that's making me laugh. Anyway…I just hope I can continue this mindset with whatever Crap happens next. 😛

  9. Aubrey. (folding arms) This! (putting both hands out palms up) This, is why you nevar made it as a country music singing star!

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