Drawing From The Past


MC2's post from last week got me thinking about a few drawings – copies, actually, the originals have no doubt returned to the earth long ago - of mine, things that I did within my first five years.

Let's get all Sister Wendy on this, and do a friendly critique, shall we?

Drawing #1.  Unicorns as circus horses – the convergence of myth and fact within a child's imagination.  An idea whose time has come?  Surely so!  Fabulous horses standing 2 1/2 times as tall as the Master of Ceremonies?  Of course!  And students, please observe closely that you may take note of his curled and waxed moustache.  And before we leave this work, marvel at the dancing poodle, which the artist has chosen to render in pencil, the better to illustrate the creature's curly and wiry hair.

Drawing #2:  Here we are lucky to have both caption and date:  'Merry-Go-Round at Knotts' Berry Farm May 7, 1960'.  We see here the artist's choice to illustrate physical motion, rather than physical detail.  We receive the impression that the multi-colored and textured horses are traveling at approximately 150 miles per hour and are in danger of flying off their axis.  Further proof of this is seen in the expression of the terror-stricken rider, drawn in blue…perhaps because his cries for help have left him blue in the face?

So young!  Yet perceptive enough to see, in the words of a favorite movie of mine, "the violence inherent in the system".  Oh dear yes, so many times the Carmelite Sisters have been caught re-enacting the scene between King Arthur and the French guard…

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17 responses to “Drawing From The Past

  1. lol! gosh, is that your mock Sister Wendy? because it's awesome. i mean, i really do see those things in the your pieces now. and they're both fabulous to begin with–but the commentary is superb. more, more!

  2. wow, amazing commentary to go with very imaginative drawings. i love it! i'll join with IG in demanding (er, asking politely for) more, more!

  3. Very nice. Good command of color and iconography for a five-year old :o)

  4. Too cute. and too funny!

  5. hey aubrey, TIG! yay! couldn't have happened to a better post. *waves exuberantly*

  6. Finding art from your youth is always exhilarating. I, too, want MORE! This makes me want to post stories I wrote when I was short. Yes, I mean, SHORTER.

  7. congrats on the Vox shout-out Aubs! well-earned, as always.
    and you are veryvery gifted. but you know that.

  8. I love it! I actually was thinking along the same lines today, as I was waiting at the drug store for my DRUGS to be filled. Oh yes, I'm a druggie….. only prescription of course, but some good stuff! 😉 j/kANYWAY, while I was perusing the store picking up a few odds & ends that I needed, I saw it: THE 96 COUNT BOX OF CRAYOLAS – insert angel choir here -!!!! Aubrey, I gotta tell you, it REALLY took willpower not to buy that thing. And it was less than $7!!! (Could've been mismarked, but still). I debated about what would I REALLY do with them, what would I draw? Remember, I don't have an artistic bone in my body. Then I'd need coloring paper or coloring books, blah blah blah…it became this whole big deal. LOL!! So I resisted. But you know what??? I REALLY want that big box of Crayola crayons. I might have to go back.

  9. w00t! our Aubrey got today's TIG! she's been TIGged!

    Wicked awesome Sister Wendy impression.

  10. Can't add much more to the above, Aubs!! These are darling and charming and I love your Sister W impersonation!Oh, and w00t!!

  11. Great Sister Wendy and great pics but i can't help thinking that one of the unicorns horns looks a mite errr…um Phallic. *Ducks* please don't hit me.

  12. (blocks exit of classroom)
    Now, Miss Roisin, please repeat with me what Sister always says: "Naughty thoughts create naughty acts."
    (Walks over to front desk. Takes out a ruler.)
    Now, Miss Roisin, it is not my habit – ha, Wendy made a little joke – to strike my students, but in this case…please hold out your palm.

  13. well. ms. Aubs, you are going to have to punish me too, because miss Roisin is, erm, … right. especifically as it regards the middle unicorn, pink with an orange… thing,[cowers in corner]

  14. oooooooo S&M *runs to go get my schoolgirl costume on* Yes Ma'am!!!

  15. Fantastic! This is funny!

  16. omg, you sickos are right, that middle one is totally phallic. *shields eyes and cries*

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